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The site is back up, but in a limited fashion after it was temporarily shut down. This was done for three reasons:
1.  To make a new interface. We are temporarily using a text only interface until we can develop a more elaborate interface.

2.  To check the copyright status of all files. We uncovered three files about which there were questions and we wish to stay within the law.  This is a hazard of working with volunteer labor and with minimal time for myself.  Therefore we have removed all files and will restore them one at a time.  We are currently having difficulty removing a couple of files as the server restores them when deleted or refuses to allow them to be deleted.

3.  To update all files to the free Bible Works fonts

Thank you for your patience.

Dan Dyke


Purpose: The purpose of this site is to provide resources that are freely distributable (unless otherwise noted) to those who are interested in studying the Bible (the biblical world, archaeology, ancient history, ancient texts), theology, missions, monotheistic religion (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) and pagan religions.

Resources: The following directories contain resources which are freely distributable for non-commercial purposes.  The copyright to any picture or text is retained by Daniel J. Dyke or the individual contributor, but permission is granted for the private individual, teacher/professor, or student to use whether in the classroom or for private purposes. Either in part or in whole they may not be included in a software collection/library without the written permission of the copyright holder.  They may not be included in the collections of other web sites without written permission. We do not use pictures from other sites, but have scanned the pictures on this site from books that are out of copyright or materials for which we have the copyright.  We ask that others treat our site with the same respect.  We are not trying to make money from the general public but rather our purpose is to disseminate useful materials and to provide work for college students in need of a decent work environment.

Inquiries: All inquiries should be addressed to:

Thanks: We offer thanks to God for all our workers, past or present.

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