Dream of Getting Fired Meaning (7 Main Messages Explained)

Dream about getting fired could come up in your life for some very significant reasons. This can be symbolic of a change in your life that you need to be aware of, or this could be stemming from a feeling of not being able to “keep up” with work.

In other cases, this dream can reflect your current state of mind and how you feel about getting things done. Getting fired in your dream may also signify how you feel about letting others down, or life in general.

7 Main Meanings of Dream About Getting Fired

  1. Change

Having a dream of being fired is thought to represent a change in your life. Your life might change for the better, or you will be given a chance to restart. This may symbolize a new job, marriage, or significant event.

  1. Overworking

In a dream about getting fired, it may represent fatigue and overwork. If you are working hard in your waking life, you could feel the strain in your dreams. This can be a message that you must take time out to refresh yourself.

  1. Possibility of Getting Fired

Having this dream can signal anxiety and fear over your work performance and the possibility of getting fired. Perhaps you feel that you are not doing enough for your work or the company or are anxious about doing a bad thing that could get you fired.

  1. Jealousy

If you dream of getting fired, it might be a warning about your jealousy towards someone else at work. You might worry that someone is doing better than you or that they have more money and better opportunities.

  1. Conflict

Getting fired may be a message that you are facing conflict or having problems at work. The dream may indicate that you’re feeling stressed, angry, and unhappy at work or having problems with your boss that affect your work environment.

  1. Discontent

You might be feeling unhappy at work, and dreaming of being fired could represent that feeling. This can symbolize that you do not like your job and are considering quitting. It can represent that you are having issues with co-workers as well.

  1. Selfishness

Getting fired could be a symbol of selfishness. You might feel that you are taking better care of yourself than others at work and are not attentive to what others might need or want. The dream might represent that you are being self-centered, neglectful, and unconcerned about others.

Meanings of Dreams about Getting Fired in Different Cultures and Civilizations


In Islam, a dream where you are getting fired from your job means Allah is watching over you. It’s a good thing and is seen as a sign of Allah’s protection against any evil you may have done.


In Judaism, it is believed that when you have a dream about getting fired, it means that there are significant changes regarding your career or work in your future. There may be a change in the workplace, or you may be planning to quit your job and look for something else.

Ancient Greece

For Ancient Greeks, whenever you had a dream about getting fired, it meant that you were being persecuted by someone or something. This may indicate that your superiors were overlooking you, causing you to underperform at work.

Ancient Rome

Dreaming of getting fired was considered to be a good omen for Ancient Romans. It was seen as a sign of good health and fortune and meant that all your problems would soon be over. In addition, it was considered as a sign that the gods were protecting you.

North American Indian Tribes

For North American Indian tribes, this dream could symbolize that spirits were protecting them from disasters and that there was nothing to worry about. Alternatively, it may represent that you are being singled out for special treatment by the tribe.

Ancient Egypt

For the Ancient Egyptians, dreaming of getting fired meant that there would be a change of jobs, either to a better or worse job. This might signify a change in lifestyle and the mind, which may mean you are getting over the fear of death.

Ancient China

In Ancient Chinese traditions, this could be symbolic that something good would happen to you on the day you had this dream. At work, it may foretell that you are going above and beyond to make things better for everyone.

Meanings of Dreams about Getting Fired in Different Contexts

Someone Else Getting Fired Dream Meaning

Seeing another person getting fired in your dream can indicate that you are feeling guilty about something. Perhaps you feel it is partly your fault or responsibility, and you’re carrying the burden on your shoulders alone.

Getting Fired for Stealing Dream Meaning

Getting fired for stealing in a dream is symbolic of being caught doing something inappropriate or unethical. You might be experiencing guilt about your actions, or you may feel that you have done something wrong and fear the consequences of getting caught.

Being Fired from a Job Because of Past Failures Dream Meaning

man handing out paper to coworker

Getting fired from a job in your dream can mean that you are afraid of trying something new because you are afraid of failure. You are afraid of not being successful in your endeavors and constantly feel stuck.

Getting Fired from a Job Because of Someone Else Dream Meaning

Dreaming that you have been fired because of someone else’s mistake, laziness, or lack of effort can indicate that you are ready to move on to something new. This may symbolize your need for change, especially in your current situation.

Getting Fired from a Job Because of Your Family’s Mistake Dream Meaning

Getting fired in a dream because of the mistake of a family member or relative could convey feelings of unworthiness and failure. Moreover, you might be experiencing resentment or anger towards your family and need to communicate your feelings.

Getting Fired from a Job Because You Are Ill Dream Meaning

Getting fired from a job in a dream because of being sick can represent your fears about getting old or dying. This might also represent your worries about your health, especially if you fear contracting an illness.

Getting Fired for Not Paying Attention to Your Job Dream Meaning

If you get fired from a job in a dream because you are not paying attention to what you are doing, you might be experiencing guilt or shame in real life. You may be ignoring a task you need to do, and you know that you should be working.

Getting Fired for Being Unprofessional Dream Meaning

Dreaming about being fired for being unprofessional can indicate that you feel uncomfortable in your current situation or environment. You could feel uneasy or bored and need to change your job, move, or start over. Alternatively, it could reflect your feelings of being judged or criticized by your boss.


Dreams about getting fired often represent signs of something going on in your personal life. This can indicate that you are feeling unfulfilled or hoping you will have a chance to change your life. On the other hand, dreaming about getting fired could indicate guilt and fear, which could also reflect an irrational belief or past mistakes. Lastly, this could signify that you are afraid of change, especially if you do not have the confidence to step outside your comfort zone.

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