Handkerchief Dream Meaning (8 Main Messages Revealed)

Dreams about handkerchiefs are rare, but they may represent feelings of sadness, loss, and rejection. It could also signify that you are not living up to your potential. The handkerchief might symbolize hope and salvation from the depths of despair.

If you dream of a handkerchief, it may be a message that you will meet someone very special. Alternatively, the dream may signify the loss of your innocence or that you are going to receive help from someone who cares about your well-being.

8 Main Handkerchief Dream Meanings

  1. Sadness

Seeing a handkerchief in a dream might represent your loss of happiness and hope. Sometimes it could also be a sign of personal defeat or a sense of despair that won’t leave you. This can symbolize the end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, or the death of someone close to you, making you feel extreme sadness.

  1. Rejection

The handkerchiefs might be a sign that someone is rejecting your feeling or trying to avoid you. Perhaps you are being overlooked or feeling left behind by someone. This might be a message that you are not good enough and need to seek someone more desirable.

  1. Death

A handkerchief in a dream may represent the death of an individual or the death of a loved one. It could be a warning that someone close to you may be struggling with an illness or even dying. On the other hand, this might represent the death of a relationship that no longer interests you.

  1. Guilt

Having this dream could represent feelings of guilt and regret over past events. You might feel guilty about your actions and regret something from your past behavior. You may feel that something you did was wrong and are struggling with telling the truth.

  1. Letting go

couple's hand breaking hand

The handkerchief can symbolize letting go of something or someone, and what you are letting go of maybe something emotional or physical. The handkerchief dream could mean that you want to end something or let go of a relationship, and it is time to move on.

  1. Missed opportunity

Dreaming of handkerchiefs might signify that you have missed your opportunity to take advantage of something. This could represent your inability to take control of a situation, or you have failed to act in time. This might also be symbolic of falling behind or failing to get involved with something that could have been beneficial.

  1. Solution

The handkerchief can indicate coming up with an idea or a way that you can solve your current situation. This dream might be a message that you need to think outside of the box and take a different approach when dealing with a problem.

  1. Consequences

Dreaming about handkerchiefs can represent the wrongdoings and consequences of your actions or those of others. This must be the dream’s way of sending a message that you need to make things right or change your behavior for the better.

Handkerchief Dream Meanings in Different Cultures and Civilizations


In Islamic culture, a dream about a handkerchief may represent the purity of one’s intentions. The handkerchief is believed to be a barrier from the earth’s dirt and grime, and removing their traces indicates one’s purity.


The Hindus believed that seeing a handkerchief might mean that the dreamer has a fear of failure. The dream could be a symbol of losing one’s honor or reputation, or it may mean being dishonored by someone.


In Christianity, the handkerchief represents purity, good intentions, and righteousness. Dreaming that a handkerchief will appear in your dream might indicate your inner goals and ambitions will be reflected in your waking life.

Native Americans

In Native American culture, the handkerchief symbolized love and fidelity. This dream might mean that you will experience love, loyalty, and trust in your life. In addition, it may signal the appearance of someone dear to you.


For Japanese people, dreaming about a handkerchief could symbolize a new life and new beginnings. The handkerchief’s appearance can be a symbol of change that will bring joy, happiness, and satisfaction to your world.


The Chinese people believed that dreaming about a handkerchief represents grief. You may be grieving a loss, or you might be grieving for something in your life. Alternatively, this can indicate that you will be rewarded with new opportunities and new beginnings.


In Aboriginal culture, the handkerchief was a symbol of power. It represented holding authority over things and people but also joy and excitement. Having this dream could symbolize being in a position of power, being respected and admired by others, and having a joyful life.

Handkerchief Dream Meanings in Different Contexts

Dirty Handkerchief Dream Meaning

If you dream of using a dirty handkerchief, this may represent physical filth and sickness. The color of the material can also provide clues to your interpretation. For example, if you dream that a dirty handkerchief is black, this could mean dirt in your personal life with which you struggle to cleanse yourself.

Clean Handkerchief Dream Meaning

To dream of a clean white handkerchief may represent good health and a fresh start. It may also be a message that you require a “clean” break from situations or people or that you are trying to push away those things that are bad for you.

Red Handkerchief Dream Meaning

man covering his face with red handkerchief

To dream of a red handkerchief may symbolize anger or, in some cases, a warning that you might soon experience intense anger. This might be a warning that you are making or have made some dangerous choices.

Pink Handkerchief Dream Meaning

A pink handkerchief may symbolize your anger and emotional hurt. The dream might be a sign that your feelings are pushing you further away from others or you are hiding your true feelings that will hurt or anger them.

Lace Handkerchief Dream Meaning

Having this dream may evoke a sense of purity or innocence and might represent a situation in your life that is pure or innocent. The lace in the handkerchief could symbolize your integrity or the insecurities you feel at the moment.

Black Handkerchief Dream Meaning

To dream of a black handkerchief may symbolize death or a possible threat to your life. You might be dreaming that someone will die and feel guilty or afraid you will be involved. This can be a warning to avoid dangerous situations that may lead to death.

White Handkerchief Dream Meaning

A white handkerchief could represent protection, benevolence, or purity. The dream may also convey being afraid of death or decay. Suppose you dream of a white lace handkerchief. In that case, this might represent your fear of being a part of something that is not pure or worthy of your reputation and integrity.


In dreams, a handkerchief may represent purity, good intentions, a new life, new beginnings, grief, or even power and authority. This may indicate some problems in your personal life with which you are struggling to cleanse yourself.

Having a handkerchief dream could symbolize good health and signal an opportunity to take control or move forward in your life. A handkerchief may symbolize cleanliness and good intentions, or it can represent sickness and filth.

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