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Dream of Parents: 8 Important Meanings Explained

When you have a dream about parents, this can represent many things like belonging, parenting, and care. If your parents or somebody else’s parents are in the dream, they may symbolize ideals, power, or authority that you rely on. These can indicate your desire to feel more connected to those you love or desire to emulate.

If you have been feeling anxious or worried, being in the presence of your parents in the dream can help relieve anxiety and stress or help you feel more like you’re in control of your own life. You may see them in your dreams as well because you might be feeling homesick or lonely being alone.

8 Main Meanings of Dream about Parents

  1. Homesickness

Dreaming of your parents could mean that you have been feeling lonely or that you miss being part of a family in your waking life. If you have to move away from your family or live far apart from them, dreaming about being with your parents again may help relieve your homesickness.

  1. Parenting

To have this dream may represent issues that you have been experiencing with your own parenting skills. You could be concerned about the way that you handle a disagreement or discipline with a child.

  1. Loneliness

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If you are living all alone, seeing your parents in the dream can indicate a feeling that nobody is there for you when things get tough. This might convey your fear of feeling entirely alone in the future or for the rest of your life.

  1. Family

When you have this dream, it can be a reflection of your own family and your current relationships with them. For example, if you feel distant from your parents or sibling, the dream may remind you that they are still there to love and support you.

  1. Family Reunion

Seeing your parents in a dream may indicate a desire to feel more connected to your family or the people that you grew up with. You could be experiencing feelings of loneliness because you don’t see them as much as you used to.

  1. Family Matters

Your parents appearing during a dream could be a warning sign of family problems or concerns. It may convey that you are concerned about their well-being or you are worried that something occurred with them in the past.

  1. Nurture

This dream may be a sign that you are struggling with issues of nurture or independence in your own life. If you want more independence, the dream could represent your desire to leave the nest and strike out on your own.

  1. Health

If you are in a period of health issues or are having difficulty getting well from an illness, dreaming of your parents could be a way for you to seek comfort from them. This may convey your feeling that you need their help or that they can help you to get better.

Dream of Parents Meanings in Different Cultures and Civilizations


In Islam, a dream that involves your parents might be regarded as a good and positive sign. That is because in the Islamic religion, parents are seen as the best providers of all kinds of goodness, including financial resources and emotional support. Their presence can represent strength and protection.


For Thai people, dreams about parents are generally understood to be good and auspicious and can symbolize the concerns of the family members. It can represent a happy and prosperous future for the dreamer, as well as love and happiness.


In China, parents symbolize a son’s strong filial piety and loyalty. The dream can represent the son’s desire to be a good provider for his aging parents, meaning that he will support them as much as he can and even to the extent of sacrificing some of his own desires and needs.


For Japanese people, having this dream is thought to be a sign of harmony and happiness in the family. It can even mean that an elderly parent is waiting to be reincarnated, or it could be that they are still alive but in a better spiritual realm.


According to Hinduism, dreaming of a parent can mean that the dreamer’s father is looking for a new wife for his son, or the mother dreams that she is in need of a son-in-law.


For Korean people, experiencing this dream is said to be an omen of the parent’s death, which is not always bad. This can also be a sign of respect, as the dreamer seeks his parent’s blessing and approval of his own marriage.


African religions believe that dreaming of your parents might indicate that the dreamer has a good relationship with them and there is harmony in the family. This could represent the dreamer’s desire to make peace with the family or a desire to be closer to family members.

Native Americans

For Native Americans, dreaming of their parents may symbolize that they are giving or getting good news or new information about their family. They might be symbolic of the dreamer’s desire to reconnect with his roots and cultural identity.

Dream of Parents Meanings in Different Contexts

Dreaming of a Father Meaning

When you dream of your father, this might be a sign that you are experiencing some guilt or self-doubt. You could be expressing your anger in a subliminal way, or you may need to work on forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made when you were younger.

Dreaming of a Mother Meaning

Dreaming of a mother can express your insecurities at some point in your life. It could also be a way to express how you feel you need some extra love or that someone else is taking away your joy.

Dreaming of Parents Dying Meaning

If your parents die in a dream, it could signify that you are feeling guilty about some recent action you took, or perhaps you are feeling some stress from outside of your life. It can also be a way for you to work through the pain of their death.

Dreaming of Parents Coming to Visit Meaning

Having parents visit in a dream can show that you need communication with your parents. You might feel like you have neglected them, or there are things you could be saying or doing that would make your relationship stronger.

Parents Growing Old Dream Meaning

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If you dream of your parents growing old, this may be a way for your mind to express your fears about growing older. You might need to work on accepting the aging process and moving forward in your life.

Dreaming of Dead Parents Meaning

Dreams of dead parents might symbolize feeling guilty about how you treated the person in life, or perhaps you are dealing with the shadow aspect of your old self. This could help you to work through some emotions and issues.

Dreaming of Sick Parents Meaning

If your dream shows your parents have an illness, this could symbolize your own fears and concerns about being sick. Perhaps you are worried about your own health, or you are worried about an upcoming operation or medical procedure.


Dreaming of your parents might represent your own sense of guilt or your own fears about aging. It can also show the shadow side of your ego or an aspect of your life you have not been able to integrate.

These dreams are thought to be caused by your feelings of fear or hope, and a sign that you have neglected your parents or have been distant in some way. Lastly, seeing your parents in dreams can be a message for you to mend a relationship with your parents and to work on healing your relationship with yourself.

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