Praying in a Dream: 10 Impactful Meanings You Need To Know

Dreams about praying are usually associated with your intuition and conscience. Often, these dreams are related to your fantasies, plans, and desires. At the same time, you may be harboring some sense of guilt, some need to repent mistakes and indeed you may have committed in the past, as well as a feeling of helplessness that you may have just tried to bury subconsciously, which is why you are having these dreams.

beautiful woman praying

Regardless, dreams about praying can be quite interesting. The meaning associated with praying when dreaming can vary, depending on the specific details that are included in the dream. This is why if you’re curious about praying in a dream meaning, it is essential to remember the details of the dream to decipher it better.

1. You are praying in the dream

Often considered a good sign, as this means that there are good intentions surrounding you, this also means that the successes you are bound to achieve in your life journey will all be achieved in a manner that you can be proud of. This also means that you are not the kind to compromise your values, your beliefs and your morals in exchange for success. You are also not the kind of person that would step on another person’s toes just to gain the upper hand.

2. Praying out of fear

If you see yourself praying in your dream but are doing so out of fear, it is a manifestation that you are currently far from the road to success in life. It is also an indication that you will not amount to anything and your dreams will not come into fruition until you get the necessary hand up to assist you. Many dream books also interpret this game as you needing some serious outside intervention, some powerful outside force to jolt you into action.

3. Praying before dying

old woman praying

Another interesting dream about praying in dreams is one where you are praying before you took your last breath and passed away. According to dream experts, dreams like these signify that you are still feeling the guilt of actions you may have done in the past that you aren’t really very proud of. In this case, the best way for you to regain your peace of mind is to confess the sin and whatever it is you’re feeling guilty for. You’ll be surprised at how much this will leave your heart lighter in the process.

5. Praying while crying

If you see yourself praying and emotionally pleading to the heavens that you’re crying in the dream, you’re the kind of person that isn’t keen on asking for a hand up from friends. You are a very proud person and you don’t like the idea of asking other people for help. However, if you see this dream often, you’re the kind of person who cannot seem to go through life without getting support and help from people around you. You may be a very dependent person.

6. Praying inside a church

woman praying in a church

Whether this dream has a negative or positive connotation would depend on how you are praying in the church. If your dream shows you bowing while in prayer inside a church, then this can have a negative meaning, the dream may act as a warning to you for the death of a loved one or anybody you are close to. It may also mean that you’ll fall victim to thieves or that you are going to lose a considerable amount of money.

If you weren’t bowing when you were praying, then this is a positive dream. According to dream experts, this signifies that you will gain a much better understanding of the different circumstances of life, making it easier for you to achieve more success in achieving your life goals.

7. Praying for somebody

man covering his face with bible while praying

If you dreamt about praying for someone, then this could mean that you will likely suffer humiliation. This could also mean that a person you are in good terms with is likely going to cause such humiliation. It could also mean that you might suffer a monetary loss.

8. Praying with somebody

If you were praying in the dream but you weren’t alone and you’re praying with somebody, this is an indication that you feel blessed because you feel that there are so many people surrounding you that care about you. You consider these people to be essential in keeping your life balanced and you are also confident that every single one of them can be expected to stand with you and by you even when the going gets tough.

9. Praying loudly

hands of people worshiping god

A dream where you are praying out loud is a sign of desperation. You may be having the dream because in real life, you are finding it hard to find your voice so people will actually hear you and listen to what you have to say. This may also be you trying to call out for help but not getting any. This dream also signifies that you are feeling completely alone, lonely and helpless.

10. Praying to Satan

This can be quite disturbing and even downright terrifying! After all, you are praying to the devil in your dream. Dreams like these can mean that you may not be at a very good place in life at present. This dream also signifies that you are hoping for the people around you to be more supportive of your current plight.

A dream where you are supplicating to the devil could also mean that your life, your finances, your career and even your personal life are all just going downhill. You may also be at a loss about how you can turn things around. More disturbingly, this dream may also signify that something bad is bound to happen to you and there’s no way of avoiding it.

Typically, dreams where praying is involved are often considered positive ones. However, depending on their context, their nuances and the little details involved in the dream, the interpretation can shift entirely, paying close attention to these elements in the dream will help ensure that they will be deciphered more accurately.

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