Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Music: Mysteries Explained

Have you ever experienced hearing an incessant sound, music in your ears that you just can’t seem to point where it’s coming from? Have you ever heard music that just isn’t anything like the usual music you are used to listening to? Have you ever jolted from sleep only to wake up hearing strange sounds or music?

Over time, a lot of people have reported having experienced hearing sounds that seem to lean more towards the spiritual rather than being heard from the actual ears. Often referred as “inner sound” these are those that aren’t really perceived by the ears but by something entirely, which a lot of people tend to have a hard time grasping where they’re coming from, or why they’re hearing them.

If you have been hearing these kinds of sounds and music recently and are curious about why this is happening, read on as we explore and delve into the spiritual meaning of hearing music.

The “inner sound”

Often referred to as sounds that may be otherworldly in nature, they are often picked up by the “inner ear”. Often, people that experience this report about hearing a myriad of sounds which could be in the form of bells and a variety of other instruments, human or animal noises, sounds of thunder or water and music.

There are people who believe that some of the sounds that we hear can be out of this world. While not everybody has the ability to hear them, there are those who are so in tune with them that they can experience hearing this music on a regular basis. This is especially true for people who are very much in tune with their spiritual side.

Different types of music

vinyl recorder playing

When people hear and experience sound, it could be differentiated into two: the mundane and the not mundane ones. Typically, mundane sounds are replays of the sounds that are part of our day to day life that have been captured through our perceptions and then replayed to us in forms that make it possible to appreciate them and where they were sourced from in the process.

Not mundane sounds, on the other hand, are those that aren’t associated with any sounds that you may have heard or perceived on earth. These types of music are often described by those that experience them to be hauntingly eerie and otherworldly. They are also unlike any of the music or sounds that they have listed before. It is this particular lack of earthly equivalent that has raised people’s curiosity over the haze music and why they are hearing them, to begin with.

Exploring not mundane sounds

It’s important to focus your attention on music and sounds that do not seem to have any earthly quality in them. You will generally be curious as to why you are hearing them in the first place and if there are spiritual significance to these occurrences.

It’s important to remember though that establishing first that these are indeed non-earthly music you are hearing is essential. After all, sounds that you might have identified as non-earthly were in fact just normal sounds that you just have not experienced before— leading you to believe that they might not be of mundane origin.

Different meanings of otherworldly music and sounds

There are all kinds of music and sounds you can hear that may not be associated with anything earthly at all. What’s even interesting is that there are significant spiritual meanings to these sounds and knowing what these are is essential to help you interpret the reasons behind why you’re hearing them in the first place.



While there is a good chance that the music with bells you’re hearing is merely just a replay of a similar sound you have heard, it’s also important not to dismiss it altogether. Bells have long since been associated with the spiritual, especially if what you’re hearing are tinkling and clinging noises that seem otherworldly in nature.

In the event that this is indeed celestial music you are hearing, this is a good thing as your angles are letting you know of their presence and are doing so through the music you are hearing now.


bird singing

If you’re quite familiar with actual bird songs, then it would be so much easier for you to spot something that you’ve never heard of before. There have been instances of people hearing birdsong that just sounded so otherworldly that shivers started running down their back.

In fact, one indication that you’re hearing something unearthly is the way your physical body responds to it. There’s always that tingling feeling and sensation and that your gut’s way of telling you that what you’re experiencing isn’t normal.

This is why if you ever experience hearing music that seems to sound like birdsong, don’t dismiss it as just ordinary birdsong altogether. Listen to what your gut is telling you. If you happen to hear this music in your dream or while experiencing a vision, what you may be hearing are angels signing.


woman playing harp

The harp has long since been associated with angle and celestial music. However, it is important to consider how and when you heard this music before interpreting it. If you are taking certain drugs or other pharmaceutical treatment and you hear this type of music, there is a very good chance that it may be a form of synaesthesia— where images, scents, tastes and even sensations get transformed into sounds. If you’re not and you’re clearly experiencing music that is not from perception recall, then you are listening to true celestial music.

Beautiful, seemingly otherworldly music can sometimes elicit some negative perception to some people, due to how they fear the meaning behind them. It shouldn’t be the case. When you’re hearing celestial sounds and music, it is one way for the heavens to comfort you and to let you know that there is a higher power that is watching over you. It is proof of the spiritual realm and an indication that it is about time you fine-tune your connection with the divine if you haven’t yet.

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