Violet Color Dream Meaning (11 Surprising Interpretations)

Dreaming about violet can refer to detachment, contemplation, peace-seeking, and self-understanding. Seeing the color violet in your dream is thought to help you to come to terms with your own emotions, past experiences, and what is going on around you at the moment.

Violet dreams may indicate the mind of someone who can see things from many different angles and can help another person gain insight into what is happening in their life or in something that they are passionate about.

11 Main Meanings of Violet Dreams

1. Artistic Vision

Dreaming about the color violet may signify that you have an artistic mind. For example, if you dream of violet flowers, it could be a call for you to expand your artistic interests and pursuits. You might even find yourself being called to pursue a career or interest that you haven’t considered before.

2. Psychic Abilities

Dreaming of violet can signify someone who is psychic and has the ability to see into the future or read other people’s thoughts. To dream of a violet aura could be an indication that someone may have such gifts and talents, but they are not yet developed or understood.

3. Detachment

Dreaming of violet flowers may indicate a detachment from the past and present. You might be detached from the problems in your life, possibly because of a new outlook or because you are leaving behind bad memories. You could also be detached from someone or something that you don’t like anymore or that you have outgrown.

4. Passion

woman painting

People who dream about violet shadows have been known to have a deep passion for something, but they haven’t yet realized it. They may still be unaware of what the passion is, but they know that it’s there and that it is in their heart.

5. Releasing Emotions

If you dream about violet flowers, you may need to release emotions that you have held inside for a long time. It could be related to a person or situation that you are carrying around, so you might need to let go of it and move on with your life.

6. Past Experiences

Dreaming about the color violet could be the manifestation of past experiences, either positive or negative. You might dream about someone who has influenced your life in a positive way, or someone who once had a big impact on you but then ended up being a bad influence. This person could have been abusive, unsupportive, controlling, or hurtful to you.

7. Understanding Yourself

To dream of violet could mean that you need to learn to understand yourself. This dream might represent venturing into new areas and trying new things, and you don’t fully understand why you are experiencing the emotions that you are. The dream can help draw your attention to the part of your life that needs changing or improving in order to understand yourself better.

8. Awareness of Others

Dreaming about violet colors could mean that you are very aware of other people and their feelings and emotions. If you dream about violet shadows, it can be a symbol that you are actually sensing something negative and foreboding that isn’t being revealed. You might be able to sense the emotions of others, even in their absence.

9. Imagination and Inventiveness

Seeing the color violet in your dreams can indicate that you have a vivid imagination and that you are able to see things that others cannot. It is also thought to be a sign of creativity, inventiveness, and original thinking.

10. Emotional Development

Dreaming about violet may symbolize that you need to work on your emotional development so that you are able to respond rationally to situations in life. It might be a message to take a step back from the situation, even if you feel like you are being attacked or persecuted.

The dream can convey that you are feeling defensive and hostile, but try to look at the situation objectively instead of reacting emotionally.

11. Communication Abilities

If you dream of violet, it could symbolize that you have strong communication skills and are able to communicate with people in different ways. You might be able to talk to people in a way that helps them understand themselves better, or you might be able to communicate with others in a way that helps them feel understood.

Main Meanings of Violet Dreams in Different Cultures and Civilizations


In Islam, the color violet in dreams may symbolize asceticism, devotion, and piety. Seeing violet in your dreams can be an indication that you need to focus on spiritual matters in your life.


According to Christian beliefs, the color violet is said to symbolize humility, purification, and self-sacrifice in dreams. It may also be a sign of a person who is tired of being humble and wants to come out from under someone else’s shadow.

Native America

In Native American traditions, a violet dream is thought to symbolize rebirth and wisdom. It can also represent humility and knowledge about yourself. To dream about the color violet could be a sign that you need to see yourself as spiritual and wise in your life.


For Buddhists, dreaming of the color violet could mean it has a higher meaning for a person’s spirituality. It is thought to be an important component of enlightenment and the purification of the soul during spiritual practices.


In Hinduism, seeing violet in your dreams can symbolize the purity of a person’s actions and thoughts. It can also be a sign that you need to focus on the purest aspect of your life.


The color purple is a symbol of royalty in Chinese culture, and seeing it in their dreams can be an indication that you are dealing with important royalty in your life. For example, if you dream of purple, it could be a sign that you are being taken advantage of by someone who is using your wealth and status.


The color violet is one of the colors used by Jews in their religious practices, so seeing it in dreams is thought to symbolize that you are dealing with something deeply spiritual in your life. If you dream about violet, it may represent marital issues or divorce.

Main Meanings of Violet Dreams in Different Contexts

Violet Flower Dream Meaning

If you receive a violet flower in your dream, it is thought to be an invitation from God to take the next step in spiritual matters. It can also symbolize the self-sacrifice of your actions and that you need to give up something for a greater cause.

If you accept the flower, this can mean that you agree with these actions and are willing to do what is necessary for the greater good. If you refuse the flower, it might represent that you don’t trust God or think that he can handle things without your interference.

Violet Shadows Dream Meaning

To see violet shadows in your dreams can mean that you are dealing with something negative or deceptive in your life. It may also signify that you are being deceived or tricked into making a wrong decision.

Seeing a pure, light violet shadow in dreams may symbolize that you need to focus on positive things and eliminate the negative from your life. However, to see dark shadows of violet in your dreams can be a sign of danger.

Person Wearing Violet Dream Meaning

woman wearing violet gown

Dreaming about a person who is wearing the color violet may symbolize that you trust the advice of this person and depend on him or her for insight into your life. The person in your dream could be a guidance counselor, mentor, or friend. It may also be someone who is not in your life currently but that you will meet again.

Violet Animal Dream Meaning

If you dream of violet animals, such as a violet cat or violet dog, it can signify that you need to look at your animal instincts and tap into them. These animals may be present in your life or they could represent some quality that you have.

Violet Color of Walls Dream Meaning

To see the color violet in your dreams, such as on the walls of a room or building, may be symbolic of deception, pride, and arrogance in your life. People who are trying to deceive you might want to hide a secret in plain sight to fool you into falling for their tricks.

Violet Room Dream Meaning

A dream of being in a violet room might represent a conflict between yourself and another person, or it can be a sign of unhappiness in your life. If you are alone in that dark violet room, it can be a sign that you are struggling with your own thoughts or emotions.


Dreams that involve the color violet can symbolize an end, a new start, or the new beginning of an old relationship. It may also be a sign that you are going through something in your life that requires patience and spiritual understanding.

The color violet in dreams can also signify that you need to trust God more and rely on him for guidance in your life. It may even represent that you are being deceived or manipulated by someone in your life, so try to keep an eye out for suspicious or overly friendly people.

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