11 Torch Dream Meanings – Understanding Your Dream

A torch dream could represent a warning, guidance, or foreshadowing of the future and may even symbolize enlightenment and knowledge. Moreover, this dream can be a symbol of light and positivity. However, seeing a torch in your dream may also convey sorrow and negative thoughts.

Additionally, dreaming about a torch is symbolic of positive or negative ideas and beliefs. Sometimes the dream indicates that we are not progressing on the right path. This dream could also be implying that we are not at peace with ourselves, others or life in general.

Dreaming about torches can also represent the soul or other spiritual aspects of one’s being. Meaning, the dream might be telling you to seek for knowledge and guidance from higher sources, such as your intuition, from God, mystical forces or guardian angels if you believe in them.

Main Meanings of a Torch Dream

1. Power and Strength

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A torch in a dream can be symbolic of power and strength, both physical and intellectual. This often could also be associated with the fight or struggle to overcome obstacles. The dreamer may see the torch in his dream as a representation of his own power and strength, and how far he may go in life. It can be a source of light, direction, knowledge and leadership.

2. Faith

A dream involving a torch can also be symbolic of faith. That person in the dream who is being represented by the torch is someone who believes a lot in certain things and can be very loyal to things that he believes in. The dream might use of the image of a burning fire with flames bursting out from it to symbolize the faith the person has for their religion or for their family and friends.

3. Courage and Bravery

Dreams about torches may be conveyed as a symbol of courage, bravery and strength. The dreamer may see the torch as a representation of their own bravery and courage. Someone who is brave and courageous in life can also be symbolic of the torch. The person’s bravery or courage can be represented by its flame or light coming from within the torch in their dreams.

4. Light

The torch in a dream can also represent light in general or a source of enlightening knowledge from an experience or lesson during one’s lifetime. The torch in the dream may symbolize the person who gave you light and knowledge to help you in your journey through life. It can also mean that this person is guiding and helping you along the way.

5. A Mysterious Person

If there is something mysterious about a person, that mystery can be represented by a torch in your dream. The torchlight can also provide clarity for something or someone, and questions may arise about this person’s true identity or intentions. A torch in the dream can also be a symbol of an unattainable desire, love or being.

6. Mirrors and Reflection

A torch in a dream may also represent mirrors, reflecting light and reflection. This could be symbolic of how you can take in others’ information, thereby learning from the experiences to come out stronger. A torch dream may also be a representation of your future self and how you have come to learn from them.

7. Danger

A torch dream can signify danger and serve as a warning to you. The danger may be something that will harm you, like a fire, falling off a building, or getting burned alive. But the danger could also be something that someone else does to you, like a firebomb being thrown into your house or getting shot.

8. Death

When you dream of torches it can also be symbolic of death, which may not necessarily mean literal death. A fading torchlight can symbolize the end of life and how there is no more to come after it. This dream can also serve as a warning to a person who is sick and that they should try their best to fight for their lives before it’s too late.

9. Soul and Spirit

If you see someone holding a torch in your dream, this might signify that person’s spirit or soul. The darkness being behind the torch they are holding is symbolic of the person’s shadow or dark side, which represents their evil or bad habits. The shadow behind the person holding a torch in your dream can also symbolize their struggles and challenges in life.

10. Taking Control

A dream of someone else holding a torch might indicate that you are in the process of being taken over or controlled by someone. The dream may be warning you that someone is hindering you in your journey through life towards your goals and dreams.

11. Leadership

A dream of holding a torch may also signify that you have become a leader or guide for others in your life. This dream can be a symbol of power, authority, fame and recognition. The torch dream can represent someone who is respected and looked up to by others, setting an example for others to follow through their accomplishments, abilities and skills.

Meanings of a Torch Dream in Different Cultures and Civilizations


A torch in the dream is a sign of love for Islams, which signifies that the dreamer is about to fall in love with their beloved. If the torch is in a dream of a woman, it can represent that she will give birth to twins.

South Africa

In South Africa, the meaning of a torch dream can be someone coming for help in their burning house, which may indicate that someone needs help to solve their problems. The dream can also represent good news like a reunion with someone from your past.


The Greeks saw torch dreams as being a sign of someone who is coming to make love with the dreamer, or if a woman sees this dream, it could be a sign that she will have a baby boy. Alternatively, the Greeks often saw a torch dream that they would go to war.


In Japan, dreams of a torch could be a sign of good omen and auspicious events like being invited to have tea or something being delivered by posting carrier pigeon. The dream can also mean that someone will have a baby boy, or have a new car.

Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, a torch dream can be interpreted as someone that is about to achieve great success in life. When there are two torches in the dream, it might be symbolic of the happiness the dreamer has achieved or it could mean that there will be a wedding in the family.

Ancient Romans

The Ancient Romans believed that if you dream of holding a torch, it can represent someone will soon join the family or that some kind of celebration is coming to the household. If you see a torch in your dream and then someone gives you a gift, it could mean that there is going to be a surprise party that day

Ancient Persians

For Ancient Persians, dreams about torches were often seen as a symbol of death and someone seeing this dream were thought to be a vision that they are going to die soon. If the dream is about seeing torches all over the house, it means that there are things going on that you should know about but is kept secret from you.

Meanings of a Torch Dream in Different Contexts

Lighting a Torch Dream Meaning

Lighting a torch in dreams can mean taking charge of our destiny and reminding us to control how we want our lives to be. It is thought to be a symbol of new beginnings and commitment to ourselves and our goals in life. It may also reflect our need to find the positive aspects in our lives or to see beyond the darkness in a given situation.

Carrying a Torch Dream Meaning

man carrying a torch

If you are carrying a torch for someone else in a dream, this could indicate that you have decided to take responsibility for another person’s emotional well-being, as if they were your own child. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are feeling burdened by the weight of some relationship issues.

Being Handed by a Torch Dream Meaning

If someone in your dream is handing you a torch, this may suggest that your current course of action is appropriate and working for you. You may also be about to embark on some new project or begin some major change in life.

Burning Torch Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a lit torch in your house might mean that you will have an important message from a friend or family member. The kindling in the fire is indicative of love that has been stirred into life. You might also be dealing with unresolved matters from the past and your need to reveal hidden truths to yourself or others.

Putting Out a Torch Dream Meaning

Someone having a dream of putting out a torch is symbolic of their feeling of being successful and that they accomplished their goals. The extinguished torch could signify the person’s success in the past and the dream might also be a sign that they will succeed in future endeavors.

Being Burned by a Torch Dream Meaning

A dream of being burned by a torch might be warning you about the fire hazards in the home or other dangers that can lead to injury or death. This dream might also mean that you have a tendency to take excessive risks, which may already be out of control. Moreover, the dream could also be a sign that you are capable of feeling great guilt for your actions.

Throwing a Torch Dream Meaning

Dreaming of throwing a torch can indicate your intention to do something. This event can also signify one’s willingness to take risks, show power, challenge norms and personalize their experience in life. One might dream of this action because it promises an exploration into the unknown with no fears attached to it.

Seeing an Olympic Torch Dream Meaning

To see the Olympic torch in your dream could symbolize that you will soon be a part of a new and exciting endeavor. You may get to experience something that you’ve always wanted. The Olympic torch in your dream can symbolize the universal values of peace and progress which will be applicable in your future experiences in life.


The dream of a torch can mean different things to different people and cultures. For many cultures like the Ancient Persians, the Ancient Romans and other ancient civilizations and religions, dreams involving torches are thought to symbolize love and marriage. A woman seeing a torch in her dream could indicate that she will give birth to twins in her family.

The dream of a torch could also be a sign that someone is trying to take over your life and you need to stop what they are doing. This dream might be a way of warning you to focus on your own decisions and not let anyone else’s dreams or goals affect yours.

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