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Sword Dream Interpretations (9 Main Meanings Explained)

When you dream of a sword, it can symbolize many things such as justice or power. It could also be a sign that you are feeling threatened or that someone is out to get you. A sword dream may also mean that you are struggling with something internally or something that you have been repressing.

Sword dreams may also represent power, strength, and protection. They can also indicate conflict or aggression. Additionally, dreams about swords are thought to represent power, strength, and courage, while others may interpret it as a sign of aggression or violence.

9 Main Interpretations of Sword Dreams

1. Power

Dreams about swords can signify a desire for power and strength. The sword in dreams could also be a symbol of a strong and dominant personality. Likewise, they can also refer to the need for strength in crisis or personal interactions.

2. Protection

If you dream about a sword, this may symbolize protection. It can also indicate that you feel safe and protected. For example, you may be in a situation where you feel threatened and are looking for protection from other people. They can also represent that you need protection from others.

3. Conflict

Dreams about swords can be about conflict or aggression. If you are having arguments with someone who wields a sword in their dreams, this can indicate that you are trying to attain something or that you want to be aggressive and dominant over someone or something.

4. Aggression

To dream of swords can mean that you are feeling aggressive or mean towards someone else. It may also represent feelings of anger towards yourself or the situation. The dream may also be a sign that you are feeling vulnerable and you need to protect yourself from other people.

5. Fear

Dreams involving swords could be interpreted as a fear of conflict and aggression, giving you the opportunity to avoid an uncomfortable situation. This dream may also be a sign that you are afraid of being hurt or that you have a fear of death, especially if the environment in your dream looks bloodied and violent.

6. Justice

If you dream about a sword, then you may be feeling unjustly treated by someone else or the situation, giving you the opportunity to right your wrongs or put a stop to injustice. Alternatively, if your sword dream involves other weapons like knives, it may signify that you are not feeling justified in some of your actions.

7. Learning

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Dreaming of swords can be interpreted as a symbol that you are learning something new or that you are educating yourself. If you dream of fighting another with a sword, this can represent the need to learn how to fight and defend yourself against someone else who may be aggressive or threatening.

8. Conflict Resolution

If you dream about swords, this might mean that you are trying to resolve problems from the past in your life. If the dream involves a sword duel, it may convey that you are fighting an inner battle that needs to be resolved.

9. Confrontations

A sword dream may also indicate that you are confronting someone, either verbally or physically. It might also be a sign that you are having an argument and need to resolve any issues or conflicts with that person.

Main Interpretations of Sword Dreams in Different Cultures and Civilizations


A dream with a sword can symbolize one’s strength and justice in Islam. In the Muslim religion, a dream of holding a sword is believed to be a sign of good fortune. Moreover, a sword can also be a symbol of guidance and strength for Muslims.


Dreams of swords might signify feelings of protection from God when you are in a dangerous situation. They may also represent Christian beliefs such as self-defense, justice, and protection.

Native Americans

Native Americans often consider dreams involving a sword as a sacred sign. In these dreams, they might be a sign that they need to seek help or that they need guidance. It can also represent danger and a sign that someone is trying to harm them.


In Ancient Japan, the sword was thought to be the symbol of both power and beauty. In Japan, dreams involving a sword are also said to be signs of good luck and prosperity. If you dream that you are holding a sword, then it might symbolize that you will achieve your goals and objectives.


The Chinese believe that dreams in which you hold a sword could be a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It may also signify prosperity, strength, and victory. For example, dreaming of a sword that is kept in a sheath can symbolize that wealth is not being used.


In Korea, dreaming of swords is thought to represent that you are receiving protection from evil. The sword dream may also be a sign that you are in danger and need to protect yourself with the right weaponry.

Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome, a sword in the dream could mean that you are fighting for justice. It may also symbolize that you are dealing with a disagreeable situation and need to fight for justice. For Ancient Romans, a dream with a sword might also mean that you are about to win a war.


For the Greeks, if you dream about swords, it could be an indication that you are prepared for conflict, danger, and protection. The sword could also be a symbol of power and strength in the dream.

Main Interpretations of Sword Dreams in Different Contexts

Dream of Holding a Sword Interpretation

If you hold a sword in dreams, this may symbolize that you are strong and powerful. This can also mean that you have a creative idea or plan. In addition, holding a sword in the dream could also represent a defense of your possessions.

Dream of Swordfight Interpretation

sword fight

If you dream of sword fighting, it can represent that you are feeling threatened by someone. This dream might also tell you that you need to defend yourself or your beliefs and ideas against another person.

Sword fights in your dreams could also represent an inner battle or a struggle that you are going through. You might be struggling with a certain situation and need to resolve this issue.

Dream of Being Attacked by Someone with a Sword Interpretation

Dreams where you are being attacked by someone wielding a sword may symbolize that you feel threatened by someone or that someone is trying to take away something precious from your life. Additionally, dreams in which you attack others with swords may be associated with aggressive or hostile behavior.

Dreams of Forging a Sword Interpretation

If you dream of forging swords, it can symbolize the creation of something new and beautiful in your life. You might also be creating a new life for yourself and be ready to build or develop a relationship or a business venture.

Dreams of Using a Sword Interpretation

Dreaming that you are using a sword can symbolize that you are putting your foot down and doing something on your own without relying on someone else. You might also be referring to the power of your mind to influence or control others.

Dreams of Selling Swords Interpretation

To dream that you are selling swords might represent that you have mastered your personal skill and are ready to move on to a new phase in life. Also, it can symbolize that you are discarding or removing your emotions or a certain aspect of your life.

Dreams of Getting Killed by a Sword Interpretation

If you dream that you are killed by a sword, this could symbolize that you are threatened by someone or that someone is making your life miserable. You may also feel that your life is being threatened or taken away, and you want to protect yourself from harm.

Dreams of a Broken Sword Interpretation

Dreaming that your sword is broken might also be associated with the loss of something important in your life. For example, dreaming that you are cutting something with a sword and it breaks might symbolize that you are losing your creativity and freedom.


Sword dreams can symbolize a number of different things depending on the context of the dream. They can represent our ability to defend ourselves, our need to confront our fears, or our desire for power and control. Sometimes, they may even be a warning sign of a negative event in your life. Dreams involving swords are also thought to represent power, protection, strength, and justice. They can also indicate a need for change or a challenge that must be faced.

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