Spear Dream Meaning: 8 Intriguing Signs Explained

Seeing spears in a dream could mean many things. It may be a sign that you are sharpening your skills and gearing up for battle in the upcoming days. It can also represent that you feel embattled or at odds with yourself.

The spear may be symbolic of your faith in yourself, or of your protective instincts. Additionally, these dreams may represent your goals or your drive. Seeing a spear in your dream can represent a sign of good luck and prosperity.

8 Main Meanings of Spear Dreams

  1. Training

A spear in a dream might symbolize a struggle in progress. It may suggest going through a learning process of which the dreamer is required to participate fully and which is not easy. This could convey training for skill, an important task, or the struggle of a person against adverse circumstances.

  1. Revenge

The spears that you see in dreams can represent revenge, the purpose of which is to hurt and exert control over the assailant that caused pain. Moreover, the symbol of a spear can be used to suggest the dreamer’s need for control or domination.

  1. Fear

A spear might signify a situation in which the dreamer is obviously at risk of a painful or dangerous situation. The dream can indicate fear of something or someone and the need to avoid the situation in real life.

  1. Protection

Having this dream can represent feelings of protection and be safe or secure. The spear could mean seeking protection from someone or something that may be threatening. This can indicate a need to hide and take refuge from a situation or an animal, person, place, or dangerous thing.

  1. Punishment

Dreaming of a spear might represent punishment and the need to endure it in the wake of committing an offense. This could be a sign that the dreamer will be punished for a crime or wrongdoing.

  1. Law Enforcement

police in a rally

The appearance of a spear in a dream can indicate the need to uphold the law and prevent crime or illegal activities from taking place. The dream can symbolize that something is wrong or out of place, and the dreamer will be held accountable for the situation.

  1. Death

Dreams that involve spears may have to do with death and the passage of time. This could symbolize a fleeting moment or the possibility of death. This may also symbolize the end of something, such as an ending of a relationship or the demise of a friendship or other close bond.

  1. Struggle

A dream where you are being held back by a spear can symbolize a struggle in progress. It might suggest going through a learning process in which the dreamer is required to participate fully and the path will be difficult and full of challenges.

Spear Dream Meaning in Different Cultures and Civilizations


In Islamic culture, dreaming of spears could be symbolic of a man who might be feeling injured in some way. If a person is hit with a spear in dreams, it could be used to signify that they are a victim of some sort of injustice to them.


In China, this dream may signify defense or protection against an enemy. In situations where there are many spears together, it might be interpreted as a sign of distress for the dreamer. It can signify conflicts in life too.


For Australian people, spear dreams could be indicative of wanting to go hunting or fishing. This could be a sign that the dreamer is interested in hunting and fishing to be used as food. Additionally, this may mean they may want to defend themselves against enemies.


The symbols of spears in African culture might convey defending yourself against enemies as well. For example, if a person dreams of having a spear, it could signify that someone they know is secretly planning to harm them.

Native American

In Native American culture, spear dreams are said to represent that someone is plotting against the dreamer. This may be a warning for the dreamer to be careful about someone around them.


For Christian people, the spear may signify that the dreamer is being defended by God. This might be a symbol that God will always be there to help the dreamer in their time of need.


In Hindu culture, having this dream can indicate protection. The spear could be seen as a signal that someone is going to protect the dreamer in some way or that the dreamer needs to protect someone against harm from someone else.


Dreaming of a spear in Japan could be symbolic of protection. This can signify that the dreamer may be protected from harm and will live a long time and that they will live a long and happy life.

Spear Dream Meaning in Different Contexts

Getting Stabbed by a Spear Dream Meaning

If you dream of getting stabbed by a spear, this could be a warning of deception or that you will get cheated by someone. You may be caught in a mess by people whom you take for friends or even someone whom you thought was your friend.

Spear as a Weapon Dream Meaning

woman holding a spear

If you see yourself using a spear in your dreams, it can mean that you will use all your energies against some evil. This might represent that you will use your own spear against some evil, or others might use your spear to strike you.

Owning a Spear Dream Meaning

If someone you know is holding a spear in your dreams, this could symbolize that they are guiding others or are very good at giving advice. This may be a foretelling of some bad news if you feel that you or someone else will die from a spear attack.

Killing Someone with a Spear Dream Meaning

When you dream of killing someone with a spear, this can be symbolic of the death of a relative or a family member. This spear might indicate that you will be surrounded by bad omens and that you should avoid getting into any conflicts or arguments.

Broken Spear Dream Meaning

Seeing a broken spear in dreams can represent the death of an important friend or relative you care about. If a group of people is carrying a broken spear, the dream could indicate that there will be problems in the group or that an important figure has died.

Spear as a Tool Dream Meaning

When your dream involves collecting or getting something using a spear, this might be a sign that there will be wealth in the near future. You should look out for chances to invest in something and make some money when you see a spear.

Throwing a Spear Dream Meaning

Having a dream that you are throwing a spear might signify that you will play some important role in the future. This may be a message to watch out for anything that will stand as a hindrance to your goals and do your best to remove them.


Dreams that contain spears can symbolize a variety of things, like feelings of conflict within yourself or conflicts you have with other people. The spear might represent an idea that you are afraid to attack someone else with your words or the thought that you might be attacked with your words. Lastly, dreams about spears may represent feelings of anger, resentment, and hostility.

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