Red Rose Dream Interpretation (10 Important Meanings)

Dreaming of a red rose can be associated with deep love, beauty, and passion. A red rose dream may signify the need for positivity in life or to appreciate everything worthwhile. They are also thought to symbolize beauty, a reminder for people to be beautiful both inside and out.

Dreams of red roses can have a negative meaning, such as anger or jealousy. The dream can represent peace and purity and might symbolize hope, new beginnings, and innocence. The dream may as well symbolize the passage of time.

 10 Main Red Rose Dream Interpretations

  1. Deep Love

If you have dreamt of a red rose, this might mean that you are in love and you could have a strong connection with this person. Red roses in dreams might indicate that some kind of deep love and attachment exists between you two.

  1. Hidden Love

Dreaming of a red rose could be a sign that you might be deeply in love with another person but are afraid to admit it or show it. You may be afraid to let the other person know because you might be rejected.

  1. Indecision

A red rose in your dream may mean that you are considering whether or not you should pursue a certain person. The red rose that looks healthy and beautiful in a dream could indicate that this person is right for you. It might signify that this relationship is currently dead and should not be pursued any further.

  1. Difficulties

You may be having certain difficulties in your life at the moment, which could be causing you to dream about red roses. You could be feeling depressed or stressed. The red rose dream could indicate that you are unconsciously aware that your relationship may be coming to an end, which could be causing you to feel depressed.

  1. Unsatisfied Love

A red rose in a dream can indicate that you are not satisfied with your love relationship and might want it to end. That dream may be symbolic of your desire to get away from the relationship and start over, but the red rose could also mean that you are feeling sad and depressed because you do not want the relationship to end.

  1. Surprise

man hiding red roses behind him

A beautiful red rose in your dream may signify that some surprise might await you. The red rose dream could have a special meaning, perhaps meaning a change to occur in your life, or it might simply signify that something good is happening.

  1. Liberation

Red roses in dreams might be a sign that you feel connected to some great love and want to be free of your present relationship. You could be feeling ready for a new beginning and this dream could be telling you that something good is coming.

  1. Choices

Dreaming of a red rose can mean that you have so many choices in your love life, but you may feel confused about which one to pick. This may symbolize that you are currently in a situation in which the choices you have available to you are causing your confusion.

  1. Despair

If you dream of a red rose, it could indicate that you are feeling hopeless. This might indicate that there is a lack of love in your life that has resulted in your feeling hopeless.

  1. Beauty

A red rose in a dream can symbolize beauty and elegance. You might be feeling that you deserve some kind of beauty in your life. A red rose dream might represent the beauty that it can bring to our lives.

Red Rose Dream Interpretations in Different Cultures and Civilizations


For Islams, dreams involving a red rose may symbolize beauty and elegance that bring happiness. It could mean love and desire which will be fulfilled or a wish to see someone or something in its true colors. The red rose dream may mean the love of Allah by showing them heaven, which is Paradise.


In Christianity, dreams of red roses can signify passion, love, and desire, which was illicitly gained. It could also mean a relationship that will have a tragic end. This dream may represent the evil that is present in the dreamer and can be interpreted as a devilish entity or even death.

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, red roses in dreams are thought to symbolize the blood of Heka, the Egyptian god of magic and medicine, so it is believed that they represent the soul. For Egyptians, going through a red rose bush in a dream could convey going through suffering or even death.


To Japanese people, a dream of a red rose could be considered to be a symbol of strength and willpower. It might represent people who are able to face their fears and make the right decisions despite opposition. It might indicate a desire to make a change in their lives and move towards a happier future.


For Hindus, dreams involving red roses may signify the struggle between good and evil. The dream might be symbolic of people who are able to get their needs met and achieve their goals or rebirth into the world of human beings.

Native Americans

In Native American culture, dreams of red roses could symbolize beauty and joy. It can convey the renewal of life or a new beginning that may involve changes in people’s lives that they are not ready to handle alone. Also, if you dream of picking a red rose, it could be considered to be a symbol of something that will end shortly for Native Americans.


To Chinese people, dreaming of red roses is thought to signify strong feelings. It might mean good luck, prosperity, and fortune. In China, red roses in dreams might be an expression of love and passion, as well as the death of the loved one.


In Japan, red rose dreams may indicate that you are able to deal with your problems and move towards achieving your goals. This dream can symbolize a desire to find something that will bring you true happiness.

Red Rose Dream Interpretations in Different Contexts

Red Rose with Thorns Dream Meaning

If you have a dream of a red rose with thorns, it can represent a complicated situation that is tiring you physically and emotionally. In this case, it might mean that you have to face the problem and be ready for it.

Growing a Red Rose Dream Meaning

If you are growing a red rose in your dream, it might symbolize that you are developing an emotional bond with someone. You could be developing feelings for someone who is very special to you and you don’t want to lose this feeling.

Dreaming of Red Rose Buds Meaning

To dream that you are holding tiny red rose buds can mean that you have something positive in your near future. You can expect a positive change that will bring good fortune into your life or you might expect to get something in a week or two.

Red Rose in Hand Dream Meaning

red rose in woman's hand

When you dream of holding a red rose, this could symbolize that you have intense emotions for someone. Love is in the air and it might be directed to a close friend or family member. The dream may be a sign that you are in love with a group of people.

Being Surrounded by Red Roses Dream Meaning

If you dream that you are surrounded by red roses, it may be symbolic of your good looking qualities. The dream may convey that you have a great sense of humor and people love being around you because of this.

Red Rose on Display Dream Meaning

When you see red roses on display in a dream, it can represent that you have a lot of passion or emotion for a certain person. The dream could be a sign that you might have feelings for an ex-lover or a person from your past.

Red Rose in Mouth Dream Meaning

To see a red rose in your mouth in a dream, this might be a signal that you have to be careful when you speak or act. You may need to check if you are hurting someone’s feelings if you are careless with your words and actions.

Red Rose Crown Meaning

If you dream that someone puts a red rose crown on your head, this might be a sign that you have the potential to become popular in the near future. You may have a gift for speech and communication, or you have a talent for writing. This dream can represent that you are good at understanding people and relating to them.


Dreams that involve red roses are thought to represent different meanings such as love, romance, passion and desire. Dreaming of red roses can also symbolize passion, sweetness and bliss which makes the meaning of such dreams more romantic in nature. Lastly, a red rose dream could represent the end of a relationship of some sort, how it is dying and the loss of the feeling you once had for each other.

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