Piggy Bank Dream Meaning: 8 Surprising Messages Explained

Dreaming of a piggy bank can generally represent saving, having a good work ethic, and living within your means. It might be a sign that you need to work to complete the goals you set for yourself, or you might need to be more prudent with your spending.

Piggy banks in dreams may represent re-evaluating and changing your priorities, especially when money is involved. Additionally, it could mean you are concentrating on the details and need to look at the bigger picture. In some cases, these dreams might symbolize an inability to part with items that no longer serve any purpose in your life.

8 Main Piggy Bank Dream Meanings

  1. Money or Wealth

If you have a dream about a piggy bank, this can represent a desire to save money or earn wealth. You could also feel a sense of obligation to do this. This may be an indication that you need to earn more money or become more successful.

  1. Financial Problems

Having this dream might signify feelings of not having enough money. The dream can be a sign that your financial situation is unstable or that you are struggling financially. You may be having problems with paying bills and other debts.

  1. Savings

To dream of a piggy bank could symbolize putting aside money for your future use. It could be something you need to do in your waking life. Perhaps you need to save additional money for a rainy day or marriage.

  1. Saving for Retirement

The piggy bank may be symbolic of saving for your retirement. It can also represent your desire to plan for the future and take a more conservative approach to money. The dream may be a message for you to start tightening your budget.

  1. Desire for More Money

If you have a dream about a piggy bank, you might have a desire for more money than you already have. The piggy can also be a metaphor for being greedy or just wanting more than what you already have.

  1. Positivity

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To dream of piggy banks might represent a positive outlook on life. It may indicate that you feel good about yourself and your future. It could also suggest that you have hope for the future and are more optimistic about it.

  1. Loss or Hoarding

These dreams could convey a message that you are holding on to things that you should let go of. The piggy bank can be a sign that you may be holding onto issues and emotions that are not productive and are hindering you. You might be holding on to things that you regret too.

  1. Financial Management

The dream of a piggy bank can symbolize making good decisions in the areas of finance and money management. It can be a signal that you are being responsible and are paying attention closely to your finances.

Piggy Bank Dream Meanings in Different Cultures and Civilizations


In Islam, to dream about a piggy bank could symbolize wealth, business, or financial status. Muslims believe that the piggy bank may represent a treasure that can be used to pay for sins, like worshipping other gods aside from Allah.


For Hindus, a piggy bank is a symbol of wealth and abundance. The dream may indicate the need for more self-discipline and piety, or it may mean that the dreamer is blessed with good fortune and riches.


A piggy bank in dreams could symbolize greed, misguided desires, or a materialistic perspective of the world in Christianity. For Christians, this can symbolize the need to be more careful of how one spends money.


In Buddhism, dreams containing piggy banks can be a symbol of materialism. To have this dream could mean desiring money more than spiritual felicity. For some Buddhists, it may symbolize greed as well.


In China, an empty piggy bank cis seen to be a symbol of poverty. The piggy bank in your dream might represent materialism and possessing knowledge that the dreamer needs to acquire. Alternatively, this can signify a desire for wealth that might lead the dreamer to work hard for prosperity.


For Japanese people, piggy banks are symbols of wealth, financial stability, and good luck. The dream bank could be a symbol of savings and success, or the dreamer has to earn money for their own material wealth or education.


For Germans, dreaming of a piggy bank might represent a sense of tight finances that may result in a lower quality of life. Having these dreams could convey that the dreamer needs to be more careful of money.


In Korea, having a dream where you are carrying a piggy bank can symbolize freedom and the time to grow older and wiser. This is because of an old Korean custom of sending piggy banks to your elders before they die.

Piggy Bank Dream Meanings in Different Contexts

Broken Piggy Bank Dream Meaning

A dream where the piggy bank is broken might reflect feelings of being short of financial resources. Your feelings about the money you have can indicate that you are not thankful for the resources available to you or that you feel overwhelmed by your financial responsibilities.

Red Piggy Bank Dream Meaning

red piggy bank

The red piggy bank in your dream might signify that you are having money difficulties and may be trying to save money for the future. This can be a message for you to be more careful with your income or to start saving.

Stealing a Piggy Bank Dream Meaning

When your dream involves stealing a piggy bank, it could be a warning sign that you have taken on too much responsibility and are finding it difficult to manage your household finances. It might also indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of financial responsibilities taken on by others.

Opening a Piggy Bank Dream Meaning

When you open a piggy bank in your dream, you may be having an argument with someone about money. Similarly, the reason for opening a piggy bank can be about monetary concerns and the issues around how to manage your finances.

Empty Piggy Bank Dream Meaning

When the piggy bank in your dream is empty, it may mean that you have few financial resources. Alternatively, it can suggest that you are contributing less to your household expenses and are not saving as much money as you should.

Buried Piggy Bank Dream Meaning

When you find a buried piggy bank in your dream, you could be feeling anxious about someone finding out about the financial situation of your household. It might signify that you are not satisfied with the amount of money you have at hand and want more.


Having a piggy bank dream can symbolize lots of things, such as financial goals that are coming or that you have already achieved in your life. These dreams may mean that you will have lots of cash again soon or that you have hit your financial goal. Another way to interpret the piggy bank is that it can be associated with self-worth, confidence, and courage. Having this dream may show that you need to increase your self-esteem and confidence in order to move forward in life.

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