How to Ground Yourself Spiritually: A-Z Guide

When starting your spiritual journey, it matters that you know how to keep yourself spiritually grounded at all times. Not only is this going to positively affect your spirituality, it will do wonders to your energy levels too.

If you aren’t correctly grounded spiritually, your journey can feel tumultuous, instead of the smooth and easy transition that you should be experiencing. It would feel as if you are being blown by strong winds from all directions. It will also make you susceptible to getting distracted and disheartened in your journey to spirituality.

You want to have a solid foundation in your spiritual journey and that is what keeping properly grounded does to you. When you know how to properly ground yourself, you are able to keep yourself present and mindful— something everybody needs to do these days when there are too many things that could easily distract you off your path.

If you’re wondering how you can make your spiritual journey a truly immersive experience, here are some tips on how to ground yourself spiritually.

Keep yourself nourished and hydrated

woman drinking water

Keeping your hunger and thirst sustained is essential as this allows you to bring yourself closer to nature. Physical consumption is an essential part of your spiritual journey as it is fuel for your body and will be your sources of energy to do the things you need to do as you travel on. More importantly, it also allows you to better connect with the earth in the process.

Spend time outdoors

woman playing with her dog in a park

You’ll be surprised how much sending time outdoors can help and keep you grounded in the process. It is also a great way to disconnect from the many distractions that are likely to keep your mind and concentration off of your spiritual journey. Getting nurtured by nature is one of the best things you can do to keep your mind and focus on your goals. It doesn’t even matter if you go hiking to the mountains or just find a little peace and quiet in your backyard. You’ll be surprised at how much being out in the outdoors can do wonders too.

Engage in physical activities

Take the time to work out. If you’re to stay on track in this spiritual journey you have started, you don’t just need to take care of your spiritual and mental state. You also need to better care for your physical well-being. One way of ensuring that is making sure that you do some physical exertion and exercising is one effective way of doing so. Physical movements keep your body fit and sharp and will make it easier for you to have an easier time when keeping yourself amply grounded.

Get cleaning

woman cleaning windows

You want to be up and moving and cleaning up or doing the chores around your home is about as productive as you can get. You are hitting two birds in one stone by doing this. Not only does this allow you to move about, take action and accomplish something but it is also a great way for you to clean up and declutter your living space. This too, is an essential component in your spiritual journey. You can’t expect to be in-tuned with your spirituality when you have a messy, cluttered abode to begin with.

Get the intimacy going

If you have a partner, now is definitely the time to get all loved up. Intimacy is crucial to help yourself be closer to your other half. It’s also effective at keeping you present and in the moment. The endorphins released by such intimate physical activities as sex will do a lot of wonders to your body. They are natural pain relievers too!

Watch your favorite tv programs

man watching tv on the couch

Sometimes, you do need to check out a little bit and allowing yourself a bit of screen time will sometimes do wonders to your frame of mind. It is a great activity to pursue when you need to step back for a little bit or when you want to have a different perspective about things. If there’s this show that you have been wanting to binge-watch, now’s the time to do so.

Identify the issues and take time to resolve them

There are instances when you just cannot seem to successfully keep yourself spiritually grounded. Often, this may be due to the resistance and tensions that are within you. It’s quite common for a lot of people to try and resist letting their emotions surface. However, being in the present means letting those emotions go, acknowledging them and accepting them.

This is a valid fear and something a lot of people tend to struggle with when taking on their respective spiritual journeys. The best way to really work around it is to face it head-on. Hold these fears by the horn and face them. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether it is through therapy sessions, via holistic healing or even through medications— what matters is you address them point-blank.

Get planting

If you’re hoping to grow spiritually, then it’s a must that you surround yourself with positive energy at all times. A good way to achieve that is to start planting. Start growing things. Learn how to nurture life.  You’ll be rewarded by the positive energy that plants give off, which is perfect at keeping you grounded. You can even plant a garden, so there is something for you to work on regularly. Make it a point to interact with the plants often and to care for them for even better results.

Recognize the signs when you’re starting to be ungrounded

There are a number of songs that indicate that you’re becoming ungrounded. Knowing what these are makes it easier for you to carry the necessary adjustment to get things back to normal once again. For instance, when you start becoming disconnected, you might feel such symptoms as shakiness, dizziness, weight gain and a pounding heart. You should also be wary when you are starting to become more forgetful, you feel dazed and you seem to be doing some rather excessive daydreaming. Regularly checking yourself for the presence of these signs will help you take the necessary steps to get back to your grounded state once again.

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