Harvest Dream Meaning: 9 Important Messages To Understand

Dreams about harvests can symbolize abundance, fertility, and growth. They may often appear during times of transition or when you are manifesting something new in our lives. A harvest dream can also signify the gathering of physical, spiritual, or psychological abundance in your life. They can also be a reminder to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Harvest dreams might represent the various aspects of our lives that are coming to fruition whether that be a new job, relationship, or creative project. Dreams about harvest season could mean abundance, fertility, and growth. The dream may be a reminder for us to be grateful for what we have and to keep up the good work.

9 Main Meanings of a Harvest Dream

1. Abundance

Dreaming about harvest can be a symbol of abundance in business, friends, and life in general. These dreams may have vivid visions where the dreamer sees that their barns are full and overflowing with crops or animals. This could mean that the dreamer will soon experience or receive great fortune or blessing in their life.

2. Prosperity

Harvest dreams can also be a vision of abundance in money, wealth, and possessions. These dreams may show people harvesting apples and other fruits or vegetables that are displayed in a garden. These dreams may mean that they will experience great wealth within their lifetime. These dreams may also point to an upcoming business venture or great success in their career fields.

3. Success

A harvest dream may also signify a dreamer’s success in their future endeavors. People may dream of throwing a great harvest party, playing games with friends and family, or doing other activities that represent vigor and fun. This scenario in a dreamer’s harvest dream may mean that they will experience much joy and success in life without the burdens of fatigue and pain.

4. Family

family sitting on a rock near the seashore

Many harvest dreams could be a representation of a person’s family members harvesting food together. These dreams may point to upcoming events which will bring people together from distant places for an event or reunion. These dreams may also describe a coming family event or celebration.

5. Marriage/Love

Harvest dreams might be symbolic of a person’s love life or their desire for a new partner. In this case, the dreamer could be having trouble finding and keeping the love of their life. The harvest dream may also depict people harvesting crops together, which can indicate that they will get married in the near future.

6. Growth & Abundance of God’s Blessings

To dream that you are harvesting may symbolize the growth of your crops and plants. The dream can be a sign of growth in the industry, health, and life in general.  Dreaming of a harvest could be a message to thank God for his blessings, telling you to be thankful to the Lord for all that he has provided for us.

7. Rejuvenation

Dreams about harvest can convey an upcoming rejuvenation or awakening. It may represent the end of life and renewal of your spirit, soul, and body. This might mean you will experience “rebirth” in the process of harvest, or something new will be born in your life, like a change of goal or career.

8. New Beginnings

To harvest all of your crops in a dream might signify new beginnings in life. If you are dreaming that you are harvesting for the first time, it could represent new beginnings, birth, and growth in your life.

9. Bonding

Harvest dreams can be symbolic of family members gathering together to help with the harvest. These dreams may have vivid images where relatives and family members are laughing and having a good time working in the field. These dreams could also depict young people who are working together to help with the harvest.

Harvest Dream Meaning in Different Cultures and Civilizations


Dreaming of a harvest in Islamic Culture may signify the fact that you have been blessed with good fortune, honor, or health in life. For example, if you dream of harvesting a crop at night, it can indicate that you will soon reap good fortunes in your life. If one dreams about harvesting an entire crop on a full moon night, it means he will be blessed with success in his endeavors.


A harvest dream in Christianity could be a sign that you are finally going to achieve all the goals and wishes that have been on your mind for some time. The harvest may also be associated with abundance and wealth.


According to Chinese Culture, the dream of harvesting something might be a symbol that you will receive a love letter or a sign from someone. The dream may also be a sign of the harvest season coming and your husband’s health.

Native Americans

For the Native Americans, a harvest dream could be symbolic of prosperity and happiness. Whatever you dreamt of, the harvest will be abundant. Additionally, the harvest dream may be associated with a coming famine and drought. So, if you dreamt of a good harvest, it can mean that there will be suffering in the near future.


Harvest dreams for the Hindus can represent blessings. If we dream of being in the midst of a harvest, it may convey that we will be blessed with prosperity that will surround us.


According to Hebrew belief, a harvest dream may foretell fertility and good fortune. It can also be a sign of prosperity, abundance and the start of life’s journey into a new and exciting phase.


In Buddhism, harvest dreams where you are harvesting a crop into a wagon or a cart can be used as a symbol of the last of the Buddha’s teachings. A dream of harvesting crops by with your own hands may also signify that you will be blessed with good health and prosperity.


For the Greek people, when a woman dreams of transforming into an old woman who was harvesting crops by hand, it may symbolize the end of her fertility. If a man dreams of harvesting crops, it can mean that he will soon start a new business venture or receive honors and awards in life.

Celtic people

In Celtic culture, when a man dreams of harvesting crops, it might foretell that he will inherit a great fortune. If a woman dreams of harvesting a crop on the full moon night, it may be a sign that she will be blessed and begin to live her life with happiness.

Harvest Dream Meaning in Different Contexts

Harvesting a Fruit Dream Meaning

If you dream of harvesting fruits in your dreams, this can mean that you feel that you need to seek out the source of your inner strength and perhaps a new way to see things, which is often shown through giving in some form of the fruit away to someone in your dreams.

Harvesting Plants Dream Meaning

If you dream of harvesting plants in dreams, it can be a sign that you may be getting closer to discovering your true identity. You might need to re-evaluate your life in order for yourself and others, and realize who they are as they dream up more and more of who they truly are.

Failure to Harvest Dream Meaning

Dreaming of failing to harvest something could indicate that you feel as though you are falling behind and not realizing any of your goals as you dream. You may feel it’s not worth it to pursue your dreams because you can’t seem to get anywhere with them, or a sign to figure out another way to reach your true calling.

Harvesting Wheat and Rye Dream Meaning

wheat field

To dream of harvesting wheat may symbolize that you are ready to finally move forward with what is most important to you and possibly reap some rewards as a result of doing so. Meanwhile, a dream of a rye harvest could indicate that you need to look into your own beliefs more. This could be the dream’s way for you to come back to what you know is true inside yourself.

Harvesting Figs Dream Meaning

To dream of harvesting figs, it might represent that you are joining with others to reach goals as a group and carry on to the next generation, For example, if you are in a new relationship, or if you recently have been in a relationship and have had children, it might be a sign that you are ready to join with someone else and start a new family. This can also convey that you are trying to create your own family by yourself.

Harvesting Grapes Dream Meaning

Harvesting grapes in a dream may signify that you need to look for a way to get in touch with your own spirituality or a part of yourself in the waking world. You may have many things going on at once that you need to deal with, and this can be a hard time for you as it seems there is a barrier of some sort blocking your path.

Harvesting Tomatoes Dream Meaning

If your dream involves harvesting tomatoes, this can symbolize being careful of your own actions when it comes to your emotions and to others as well. You might be feeling as though you have been put upon by others, and this could cause some sort of stress in your life.

Harvesting Oranges Dream Meaning

If you dream of harvesting oranges, this could be a sign to take pride in your own abilities and not rely on others to do things for you. It can also be time for you to make your own voice heard in a relationship, or with a group of people.

Harvesting Cucumbers Dream Meaning

To harvest cucumbers in a dream may represent feeling the need to free yourself from your own fears and negative emotions. You may be worrying about something and not realizing that things will work out in the end.

Harvesting Peanuts Dream Meaning

To dream of harvesting peanuts can symbolize a new business venture or ideas that are meant to help someone else who is going through a hard time. You could be taking on a new identity in your life, and it might also signify that you need to think about what is truly important to you and what you want to do in the future.

Harvesting Apples Dream Meaning

A dream of harvesting apples can signify a new job or a relationship that is starting up. This could also indicate that there is a new idea or invention that is coming along, and you are a part of it.

Harvesting Cherries Dream Meaning

Harvesting cherries may symbolize that you are feeling overwhelmed with the tasks that need to be done and how long it is going to take you to do them all. You may be doing two or more things at once and not getting anywhere with anything. You might want to try delegating some of your work to others so that you can have more time for yourself.


Dreams about harvesting can represent a variety of different meanings and in some cultures, they may represent the end of a cycle or the beginning of a new one. They may also symbolize abundance, fertility, and prosperity. The context and symbolisms associated with these dreams can also be associated with abundance, prosperity, and new beginnings.

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