God Dream Meaning – 9 Signs This Dream Is Sending

While most people who experienced dreaming about god often relate it to their religious beliefs, dreams like these aren’t exclusively experienced by religious individuals only. There have also been instances when the dream was experienced by somebody who doesn’t really relate much to faith or to any god.

It’s generally perceived as a good sign when you see Jesus in your dream. Still, for the curious and for those that want to delve into the deeper meaning of their dreams, knowing about the many interpretations of dreams where god appears is always going to be interesting.

You’ll be surprised at how god dream meaning can vary depending on the nature of the dream and the specific details involved in it. Understanding what these are and how they relate to your life and where you are in life now will help you interpret your dreams better while at the same time, allow you to respond accordingly to them.

1. The divine is in control of your destiny

The presence of Jesus in your dreams often means that there is someone that is in control of your destiny. Sometimes, there are those instances when life just seems to keep weighing you down and the burden on your shoulders may feel unbearable.

It is in moments like these when you dream of Jesus that you should feel comforted because you are sent a message that a great and divine power is out there, watching over you and protecting you, this divine power will ensure that help will always be extended to you no matter where you journey in life.

2. A reminder to turn back to God

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There are people who have decided to turn their backs away from religion that end up seeing god in their dreams. This is interesting as this indicates that while you may have chosen to forget god and leave him out of your day to day life, the dream is to remind you that he hasn’t forsaken you. Dreams like these are also gentle reminders and gentle nudges from the heavens urging and encouraging you to rekindle a relationship with Jesus.

3. A reminder to unburden yourself

Has life been stressing you lately? Is the pressure from your personal and professional life seems to pull you towards every direction? Life does get hectic sometimes, and this can lead to considerable stress that may affect not only your relationship with others but also with yourself.

If you are at this point in your life and you see god in your dreams, it is an indication that you should let go of the things that have been winding you up. It is urging you to let go and to accept the fact that there will always be things that are way beyond what you can handle and to let god guide the compass instead of trying to desperately navigate through life on your own.

4. A sign of forgiveness

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Everybody has, at some point in their life, made decisions in the past that they might not be mightily proud of now. You may have done things that you have not forgiven yourself for and they may have been weighing down on you all this time, holding you back from the guilt you have been feeling.

The presence of god in your dreams is a sign from the heavens urging you to forgive yourself to be more compassionate of yourself and of the mistakes you have committed. It may also be a sign to ask for forgiveness to people you have wronged in the past to make it possible for you to start with a blank slate and a clean conscience.

5. A sign of compassion and benevolence

Seeing god in your dreams means that you are a highly compassionate person. Just like how god has sacrificed himself to save the rest of the world of their sins, it is innate in you to be good and compassionate to other people around you. You are also the kind of person who will never hesitate to sacrifice yourself if need be just so you can lend a helping hand to a loved one, a friend or even a total stranger.

6. A sign of judgment

The presence of god in your dream may also indicate that you are the kind of person who seems to worry a lot about what other people think of you and perceive you. You tend to put a lot of value on other people’s opinions of you, which shouldn’t be the case. Your life choices are what made you who you are now and whether you made a mistake or not, every decision you made then transformed you into the person you are now.

The dream in this case is an encouragement for you to value less what other people think of you. Instead, you should focus more on your relationship with yourself and with god— the relationships that should matter most, above everything else.

7. A path leading to God

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Dreams with god in it may mean that the heavens are urging you to forge an even closer relationship with god. If you are interested in commencing a spiritual journey, this is the best time for you to do so., the dream is clearly a blessing from the heavens that your spiritual journey is headed down the right path and it is high time that you pursue it with even more vigor and zeal.

8. A plea from yourself

Dreaming about god can also mean that your inner voice wants you to listen to it more, this is especially true of dreams involving god giving you advice. All too many times, people have lost connection with their inner self, their inner gut-feel, their conscience even in this fast-paced world. If you have been ignoring your inner voice for too long, if you have been suppressing it all this time, the dream is meant to encourage you to use it more.

9. A warning from the heavens

Not every god dream is all positive. There are also instances when people dreamt that in their dreams, god was scolding them or was displeased with them. If you ever experience this, it is a sign that the heavens are trying to warn you about decisions that you are about to make or decisions you have recently made. These decisions may be contrary to what god will be pleased with and is shown to urge you to steer clear from actions, decisions and thoughts that may earn god’s displeasure.

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