Dreams About Secrets (7 Hidden Meanings Revealed)

Dreams about secrets can symbolize the desire to hide or conceal the truth from someone. Dreaming of secrets can be considered as an omen of divorce, infidelity, and broken trust. This may be a sign that the dreamer needs serious contemplation, such as questioning their self-worth or the future direction he wants to take.

Having a secret dream could be a message warning the dreamer that they may be in danger of keeping important information from someone. Dreams about secrets may also represent internal conflicts arising from the desire to hide something or not reveal the truth.

Main Meanings of Dreams About Secrets

  1. Keeping important information

If you have a dream about a secret, this could signify that you are holding on to some important information and don’t want anyone else to know about it, or it could mean that you are keeping secrets from yourself. You probably have something important that you are eager to share with someone else, and this could be a sign that you need to tell someone about something.

  1. Internal conflicts

A dream about a secret can be symbolic of some internal conflict or battle. You could be afraid to share this secret, but you are also aware that keeping it inside of you, could affect your life, or your health, and your relationship with other people.

  1. An unkept promise

If you have a dream about a secret, this may indicate that you have made a promise to someone, but you are trying to keep it from them for some reason. You could be afraid that this secret will cause them to not trust you.

  1. Your hidden identity

If you dream about someone finding out your secret, or if you dream about discovering someone’s secret, then this might represent that you feel that your true identity is being exposed. You might be afraid that you are being found out, or that your secret is going to be discovered in some way.

  1. Something you want to tell someone

Dreams that involve secrets may signify that you have something to share with someone, but aren’t sure how they will react to it. You might dream about telling someone about your cancer, but when you do, they don’t react the way you expected them to. This secret dream may be symbolic that you are afraid that the person will not understand it.

  1. A way to hide

A dream about a secret then can be a sign that you are looking for a way to hide from your problems and issues in your life. The dream may indicate that you are trying to find a safe haven where no one will look at you, or bother you.

  1. An addiction

people hooked on their phones

Dreams about secrets could be associated to addictions. A secret dream may symbolize that you are addicted to something you want, or that you are keeping something enjoyable and you don’t think that it is healthy for you.

Dreams about Secrets Meaning in Different Cultures and Civilizations


In Islam, dreams that involve secrets may symbolize a hidden treasure, or they may show that the dreamer has knowledge of something he should not be aware of. For Islam people, dreaming about a secret can symbolize that one is going to uncover a secret.


For Christian people, dreams of secret is thought to be a burden that can hurt others, or a secret that someone has to hide. Christian dreams involving secrets may symbolize such things as blessings and sorrows, love and hate, mercy and wrath.


In China dreams about secret can represent a secret that must be kept, or something that should not be disclosed. The Chinese people also believe that dreams of secrets may be a message from the dead.


Dreams of secrets in Japan is thought to signify a secret that needs to be shared, or a secret that someone does not want others to know. The dream might tell you to pay attention to the meaning of the dream, because it can represent the outcome of a decision that you had made.


In India, to dream of a secret might symbolize their hidden meanings and deep secrets behind their actions. For example, if you have a dream about secret messages, it can mean that you should pay attention to the details of your dream, because there is a hidden meaning that you need to understand.


According to Europeans, dreams of secrets can represent a secret that someone does not want others to know. In their dreams, a secret can also represent the outcome of a decision that you have made, or a difficult matter that you must face.

North America

In North America, dreams of secret might indicate a matter that someone is not proud of, or something that they are praying for and hope to receive. To have this dream could represent a message that you need to pay attention to or a secret that you need to keep for someone important.

Dreams about Secrets Meaning in Different Contexts

Revealing a Secret Dream Meaning

woman whispering to a man

If you dream that you have revealed your secret or someone else’s secret in a dream, this might be a sign that you are very open with your feelings and do not try to hide them. You could also be receiving a message from your dreams to share this secret with others.

Keeping a Secret Dream Meaning

If you have a dream of keeping a secret, this could mean that you are holding on to your own secret. In order to release it, you may need to tell and trust the person with this information or hear the truth in real life from the person hiding a secret in your dreams.

Dreaming of Secrets About Others

You might have a dream of discovering the secret that someone is keeping on an important matter when you may not know it already. This dream can be a sign that they are covering something up or hiding the truth from you, and the secret is something that could affect you emotionally.

A Secret from your Partner Dream Meaning

If you dream about your partner covering up a secret with you in their dreams, this can be a message that they are keeping something from you. This can be a sign that you need to talk to your partner and have an open conversation about their secret.

Family Secret Dream Meaning

To dream of a family secret might suggest that you are hiding something from the people close to you. It may be a secret you have about a family member and it can be difficult to share this information with your loved ones because you are afraid it might ruin their relationships.

Unidentified Secret to be Revealed Dream Meaning

If you dream of a secret that has yet to be identified, this can represent that you are waiting for the moment when your secret or someone else’s is revealed. The unknown secret in a dream might convey a hint that you are holding on to something important that is not meant to be discovered by others.


Dreaming of secrets may be interpreted as harmful information, like slander, conspiracy or pornography. Secret dreams can be associated with feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment. Dreams about secrets can also be interpreted in a positive way too like thoughts of happiness, peace and love.

Dreams that contain secrets might be associated with particular people or places, such as a secret room or a hidden place that one might keep important things. Moreover, these secret dreams may symbolize your personal secrets, your knowledge about others or even premonitions about the future.

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