Dreams About Railroads: 7 Main Meanings Explained

Dreaming about railroads could symbolize many things like challenging a family member, overcoming hurdles or reaching for the stars. The railroad dream can represent the hope of reaching one’s destination, whether it be financial or emotional or spiritual. The dreams can also represent something intangible that makes progress harder to achieve.

Additionally, dreaming of railroads can represent a life on the run or an inability to escape. The dream may also be a symbol of some unpleasant reality in one’s life. This can include relationship issues and lack of opportunity or mobility that causes anxiety and need for change.

7 Main Railroad Dream Meanings

1. Challenge

To dream of a railroad can be a sign of a challenge to an idea, a commitment to a goal or something you feel you must accomplish. This may be an area of your life you’re trying to conquer, especially if the dream is more violent or physical in nature.

2. Delays

expect delays sign

If you dream of a railroad, your mind may be warning you of problems in your personal life. You may be feeling frustrated in your career, or uncertain about decisions that are being made. Dreaming of railroad delays may also mean that you are separating from someone and the two of you are due for some major issues to be resolved.

3. Change

If you dream about a railroad, it may indicate an important and positive change in your life is about to occur. In this case, the dream may be more confrontational than inspiring and amiable. The dream may also be a warning to be more cautious in making certain decisions or plans.

4. Traveling

To dream about railroads can be a sign of an upcoming trip, to either places you have been before or someplace new. It may also symbolize an adventure in your life or a change in career that you are anxious to embark upon.

5. Fear

Dreams that involve railroads may signify your fear in some area of your life. You could be anxious to take a risk or challenge that you are scared you might not be up for. This dream might also reflect your fear of being left out of something that others are included in.

6. Death

To dream of a railroad could symbolize the death of an issue or situation in your life that you feel needs to be eliminated. You may be dealing with a problem that is no longer useful and this may be a sign that a more constructive approach is necessary.

7. Sadness

Dreams about railroads can indicate feelings of loss and depression. This dream might be a sign that you are lacking in something and that you have lost some opportunity at happiness or success. You might also be feeling guilty about your beliefs or lack of conviction in yourself.

Railroad Dream Meanings in Different Cultures and Civilizations


In Islam, a dream about railroads could represent freedom and travel, particularly if you are riding on the train. To dream that you are standing on railroad tracks points to an ill-advised endeavor or a wrong decision you are about to make.


In Hinduism, dreams of being on a railroad is thought to symbolize the journey of this life and the destination of rebirth. This dream can also indicate that you will spend some time in rehabilitation and then begin again.

Nordic Mythology

A dream of railroad in Nordic mythology can represent the beginning of your journey to a new life and the end of one’s earthly existence. A person may feel held back by the past but also feel bound to their post-life experiences, or their reincarnation in another life.

Roman Mythology

In Roman Mythology, dreams of a railroad may signify the Roman goddess Venus and the Greek god Mercury, who are both symbolized by Rome’s imperial power. A railroad drean can also symbolize immortality and freedom for Romans.

Roman Catholicism

Dreaming of railroads for Roman Catholics can symbolize a journey towards eternal life or spirituality. The dream may also indicate a journey from darkness to light or from Earth to Heaven, with guidance from God Himself.


In Japan, railroads can symbolize good fortune, particularly if you are dreaming about riding a train on one. The railroad dream can also indicate a journey to the next world or a new stage in life for the dreamer.


For French people, a railroad dream could symbolize traveling from one place to another and moving away from your past. The dream can also indicate social advancement or the need for a new start in life.


In Russia, if you were born into the upper class, dreaming about a railroad might represent something you urgently need to do. For those born in lower classes, seeing a railroad in your dream may convey that you will encounter many problems and setbacks on your way forward in life.

Railroad Dream Meanings in Different Contexts

Dreaming of Two Railroad Paths Meaning

two railroad path

If you dream of a railroad with two paths, this might mean that you worry about two different aspects of your life. This can be a sign that you are not sure how to proceed with a certain problem in your life. If you see the two paths joining together, then it may be an indication that you will find a compromise.

Dreaming of Missing Railroad Tracks Meaning

A dream where you see missing railroad tracks could signify that you are entering a difficult period of your life. It can be particularly alarming if the tracks are in a spot where it is not possible for them to be removed, for example, in the middle of a bridge. The dream itself might also signify that someone else is going through a rough patch in life.

Dream of Being on a Railroad and Wishing to Get Off Meaning

Dreaming of being on a railroad that is going somewhere you do not want to go could indicate that you are pushing yourself too hard. It can also mean that the person in your dream represents someone in your life who has caused you some frustration or disappointment recently.

Railroad Collision Dream Meaning

Railroad collision dreams may be a sign that you need to slow down in life. It could symbolize that you are involved in an argument with someone close to you and that you are feeling competitive. This dream might also be a warning that your emotions will soon take over your reasoning power.

Dreaming of Water on a Railroad Meaning

A dream about seeing water on a railroad track can be a warning that you could sink into a depression. A dream where there is too little water on the track can mean that your emotions are taking over your decision-making process.

Railroad Crossing Sign Dream Meaning

A railroad crossing sign dream might indicate that something in your life may be changing. This change could be good, but it could also have negative implications. You may feel that your life is not where you want it to be. In a dream where the sign is completely missing, this could symbolize a serious problem in your personal life.

Train Carving on Railway Track Meaning

To dream of seeing train carvings on a railroad track may represent that you are in need of a change in your life. This railroad dream can also signify that you are in denial about the seriousness of a situation and you are just ignoring to deal with it.


Dreams about railroads might represent the constancy of life and the solidity of the world, where there is no time to waste and where everything has to be done now. Dreams about railroad tracks may also reflect a hope for a better future. Railroad dreams could also be a representation of your longing to travel, or an indication that you are feeling trapped in your hometown.

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