Dreams About Nannies (10 Interesting Meanings Explained)

Dreaming about nannies can present many symbolisms like insecurity, inadequacy, fear of being a parent, or even fear of not being enough. Nannies in dreams may be a sign of motherhood, parenting, or parenting that is done well or poorly by others. The dreams could also signify the relationship between a woman and her children.

Nanny dreams are thought to be symbolic of the closeness between mother and child, or an inner conflict with motherhood. It might symbolize your special relationship with someone’s child, like taking on the child’s responsibilities or being in charge of the child’s care.

10 Main Meanings of Dreams about Nannies

  1. Care

To dream about a nanny may represent a caring, nurturing feeling you might have for others. The dream may symbolize the bad in human nature because of the way a nanny may be used as a way to control another person or situation. It may be that people in your life are showing their evil side.

  1. Dependency

Dreams involving nannies could symbolize feelings of dependency. It could be that you are dependent on something or someone else in your life. It may also convey that you feel you are always taking care of others and don’t get the chance to take care of yourself.

  1. Guilt

You may be feeling guilty about something in your life, and the nanny in your dream could signify the guilt you are feeling. You can be feeling bad about a situation that is not really an issue or needs to be forgiven.

  1. Theft

Dreaming about daddies is thought to represent your fears of being taken advantage of. It can be that you are feeling that someone is using you or something in your life is stealing from you. This could be a message that you are keeping yourself on a tight leash when it comes to trusting people.

  1. Happiness

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To dream of nannies could symbolize an elevated feeling of happiness. If you see yourself as a nanny in your dream, it might indicate that you are taking on a nurturing role in someone else’s life or trying to help someone get through a bad situation.

  1. Comfort

If you dream of a nanny, this may represent your feelings of comfort with someone else. The nanny dream can be your way of expressing feelings of knowing someone is always there for you in good and bad situations.

  1. Limitations

A dream about a nanny might represent that you have placed limitations on yourself. Perhaps you are keeping yourself from enjoying life or doing the things you would like to do because of a concern for others and limitations placed on you by others.

  1. Protection

If you dream about a nanny, you may feel protective of something or someone in your life. It can also convey that you are needing someone to protect you from something or someone else.

  1. Neglect

Dreams involving nannies can be a sign of your neglect of someone else. You may be so involved with yourself or doing things you think are important that you have forgotten to do something for someone else.

  1. Love

Dreaming about nannies can symbolize the love you have for someone. For example, if you see a nanny in the arms of someone you know, this may indicate the love this person has for someone else. It could represent your feelings of love for something or someone in your life.

Nanny Dream Meanings in Different Cultures and Civilizations


In Islam, a nanny dream may symbolize that the dreamer is close to his goals and needs no special help. The dream might also represent pregnancy, the hope of a baby girl, or that the dreamer may give birth to twins.

Ancient Egypt

For Ancient Egyptians, dreams of nannies were thought to symbolize childbirth. The dreamer may be expecting a child or contemplating the birth of a baby boy. A nanny dream can represent that the dreamer already has children or that he is having twins.


In China, dreaming of a nanny might signify that you are practicing your child-rearing skills. A dream about a nanny might indicate that you are about to adopt a child or that you are training a child to be an effective babysitter.


For Japanese people, dreaming of nannies could be symbolized as guardians of children and protectors of children’s health. The dream might also represent an encounter with one’s “inner child” or a spiritual awakening.

Native American

For the Native Americans, a nanny dream may be a symbol of their guardian spirituality. It can represent an encounter with their spirit guide or that they are being guided to follow a spiritual path.


A nanny dream in Christianity can represent being given divine guidance to the dreamer’s aptitude for child-rearing. It might signify that the dreamer is about to give birth to a baby girl.


For Hindus, dreaming of a nanny may foretell the coming of an important person. It can be symbolic of the higher self or metta. This nanny dream may be a warning that the dreamer has put family over his spiritual life too.


In Judaism, a nanny in a dream might symbolize divine guidance. For example, if the dreamer is a rabbi, the nanny dream may be a symbol that he is receiving divine guidance to his teachings.

Nanny Dream Meanings in Different Contexts

Being a Nanny Dream Meaning

Dreaming of being a nanny can indicate that you feel confident in your current career or job. It can signify that you’re happy with your job and will continue to be successful. It might also mean that you are comfortable with the kind of people around you.

Having a Nanny Dream Meaning

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Dreaming of having a nanny taking care of you could mean that there is someone in your real life that you’re dependent on. You might need this person’s help or guidance to make a decision and the dream may be a way to ask for their help.

Giving a Nanny Dream Meaning

A dream of giving a nanny to someone else can symbolize that you’re worried about the well-being of someone in your life. You want to make sure they are taken care of and going to be okay. This dream can signify that you’re not taking care of the people in your life.

Dreaming of Nanny who is in Charge Meaning

Dreaming of a nanny who is in charge may represent that you’re overwhelmed with your responsibilities. You can feel like someone else is running your life, and you don’t have control over it. The dream could represent that you need to rely less on others for your own happiness.

Dreaming of Nanny as Your Guardian Meaning

A dream of a nanny who is your guardian can signify that you feel like someone else is taking care of you. You don’t feel like you are doing the things in your life that is bringing you happiness. This may mean that you need to take care of yourself more.

Dreaming of Nanny who has a Baby Meaning

If you dream of a nanny who has a baby, this could symbolize that there is something or someone in your life who is dependent on you. For example, you might have a sibling who is unable to take care of themselves, or a friend who asks you to do things for them all the time.

Dreaming of Nanny who is a Mother Meaning

A dream of a nanny who is a mother can signify that there is someone in your life who has control over you. You could feel as if you are doing what she wants and not what you want. This dream can indicate that you need to take care of the people in your life too.

Dreaming of Nanny in a Strange House Meaning

If you dream of a nanny in a strange house, this could symbolize that you are feeling unsure about your situation. You may not feel like you belong where you are or have the things around you that you want. This may as well be a sign that there is a stranger or outsider in your life.


A dream involving nannies may represent many symbolisms like an indispensable and caring figure in our lives, a caretaker when we were kids, or a protective and loyal helper when we were adults. It could also mean a guardian angel or the Holy Spirit.

In addition, nanny dreams might as well represent the future, for example, becoming a mother or maybe even someone who will hold authority over you. The dream could symbolize hard and stressful situations that you might encounter in your life.

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