Dreams About Letters: 9 Important Meanings To Know

Dreams involving letters are often taken to be a sign of the dreamer’s unexpressed feelings. The letter in a dream might also be seen as carrying messages or showing the way to something. This dream could be seen as an answer to the dreamer’s unanswered questions in life.

Dreaming about letters might represent feelings or situations that are unresolved in his life. Receiving a letter could be a warning, or it could be an invitation. It could also be a sign of an upcoming event or change.

Letter dreams can also symbolize personal development, communication, and reflection. They can have a spiritual meaning and represent inner thoughts depending on what is written inside the letter in your dream.

9. Main Meanings of Letter Dreams

1. Insecurity

Letters can symbolize the insecurities that we have with ourselves. For instance, if someone is dreaming about receiving a letter from an old love, it may mean that they’re feeling insecure about their current love life.

2. Communication

If a person is dreaming about seeing a letter in their mailbox, it could represent something they’re holding back from saying to someone. Moreover, if they’re dreaming that a friend is handing over a letter, this may be a sign that they’re feeling obligated to let them know something.

3. Drama

Letters are thought to be used as a way to deliver drama and bad news in dreams. For example, if you’re dreaming about receiving a letter from someone you hate, this could indication that you feel victimized by them or have been wronged in some way.

4. Anger and Confusion

bearded angry man

Dreaming about letters can represent things that are confusing you or angering you. If your spouse is handing over a letter to you in your dream, this can signify they’re frustrated with something and this is their way to let you know.

5. Forgiveness

If you’re dreaming about letters, this could indicate that you have not moved on with something. The person who wrote the letter in your dreams might be their way of asking for forgiveness and hope that you will accept and understand.

6. Thinking About Someone

Dreams containing letters can also be your subconscious way of thinking about someone. If you dreamt about an old relationship or fling sending you a letter, this may represent the love and feelings you still have left for them.

7. A Sign from God

Dreams involving letters might also be your way of communicating with God. Expecting a phone call from someone in your dream can represent that God is trying to communicate with you. This could also symbolize your desire to hear from God and the knowledge that he is always there.

8. Answers

Dreaming about letters can be a sign that you may not know the answer to something or are getting your questions answered. If you dreamt about receiving an email, it might convey that something good is coming or some secret others are hiding from you will be revealed.

9. Confession of Love

If you dream about letters and they spell out your current crush’s name, this can be a sign that you’re attracted to this person and want to tell them how you feel. On the other hand, if you receive a letter from someone in your dreams, this might indicate that they have feelings for you.

Meanings of Letter Dreams in Different Cultures and Civilizations

Letter Dream Meaning in Islam

Some Muslims believe that seeing letters in their dreams is a sign of divine guidance. When a person sees letters in their dream, this often means that they are being granted knowledge. It can also mean that they should continue to work hard at what they’re doing or be more vigilant about their life.

Letter Dream Meaning in Christianity

According to Christianity, sometimes dreams about letters can be interpreted as thoughts about how we are dealing with our temptations. However, they can also indicate how we interact with God and other people.

Letter Dream Meaning in Hinduism

In Hinduism, seeing letters in one’s dreams is said to mean something about one’s future or a path that one needs to take. The interpretation is that when you see letters in your dreams it means someone might be trying to tell you something important about the future and show you how things will work out.

Letter Dream Meaning in Buddhism

According to Buddhism, receiving letters or postcards in their dreams may determine their fate when. From a Buddhist perspective, this particular dream means that the dreamer might soon receive an important piece of information or insight into a personal issue.

Letter Dream Meaning in Japan

In Japan, their customs and beliefs dictate that dreams about receiving a letter can foretell the future of an individual. Receiving any letter in a dream often means it will be followed by some auspicious occurrence in real life.

Letter Dream Meaning in China

In China, if you receive a letter in your dream, this could indicate that the sender is trying to tell you something. The dream might be a sign that they are asking for forgiveness. if the letter was destroyed in some way or lost on its way to you, that dream may be a warning not to trust someone.

Letter Dream Meaning in Ancient Greece

For Ancient Greeks, a letter in a dream may be telling you that you should pay attention to your pursuits rather than being distracted by other tasks. The letter is also symbolic of the message of wisdom, good luck, or knowledge. A dead man’s letter in your dream can foretell the death of someone close to you.

Letter Dream Meaning in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians saw dreams about letters as messages from the gods. It was believed that these messages may contain warnings or prophecies. Letters can also represent people or other items that are not physically present in your life. If a letter came from someone you know, but is no longer present, it might symbolize feelings of emptiness and longing for the person’s presence.

Meanings of Letter Dreams in Different Contexts

Receiving a Letter Dream Meaning

Dreams about receiving letter could be a symbol of healing whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. It might be a sign for your subconscious to let go of certain relationships or ideas. What is written in the letter in your dream may explain a situation that you cannot explain in your life.

Writing a Letter Dream Meaning

writing letter

Writing a letter in a dream can mean that you are creating a new way of thinking about your life. You want to set yourself free from old patterns or problems that may be bothering you. In your dreams, the letter might be a way of showing and communicating your true feelings.

Hiding a Letter Dream Meaning

To dream of hiding a letter may represent feelings of guilt. The content of the letter may explain why you feel guilty and what you need to do to let go of your feelings. If someone is looking for a letter in your dream, it might be a sign for you to reach out and express your feelings.

Burning a Letter Dream Meaning

If you are burning a letter in your dream, this may signify that you want to forget about a negative situation or relationship in your life. Burning a letter in your dream may also mean you are releasing yourself from someone who is no longer serving a purpose in your life.

Receiving A Letter from Someone Dead Dream Meaning

Dreaming that someone is sending you a letter from the dead might symbolize unresolved issues or feelings with that person. It can also be a sign that you need to heal from the relationship with them.

Reading and Saving a Letter Dream Meaning

Dreams about saving letters and reading them may mean that you have been holding onto an idea or belief for way too long. Alternatively, it could be a sign that it is time to move on from something you have been hanging onto.

Photographing a Letter Dream Meaning

Photographing a letter may symbolize a relationship or event that you want to keep in the past, but there is something that you need to let go of. You may be avoiding your feelings about this situation, or you might be hiding something from someone else.

Losing A Letter Dream Meaning

To lose a letter in your dream could symbolize a situation that you have been avoiding. It could mean that you are not telling someone how you feel. You may also feel like you are being deceived or lied to by someone.

Finding A Letter Dream Meaning

Dreaming about finding an old letter might be a sign that there is something you need to address and look at again. You might have suppressed this feeling for too long, and now it is time to acknowledge it and deal with the situation in real life.


A letter in a dream can mean that you are having miscommunication with an important person in your life. Most of the time, what is written inside the letter in your dream can help solve the exact meaning of the letter, the person it represents, and why you are having problems communicating with this person.

For example, if you received a letter in your dream and you opened it, you may regret your action afterward. This could mean that the person who wrote the letter is not happy with what you said or did after meeting with him. Or maybe, he promised to communicate more but failed to do so.

On the other hand, if you didn’t open the letter in your dream but fear that someone might read its contents and misunderstand them, this means that you might be afraid of being misunderstood by others.

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