Dream About Umbrella Meaning (8 Main Messages Revealed)

Seeing an umbrella in a dream can represent a sense of protection for the dreamer’s loved ones, or this could also relate to how they see themselves or care for those around them. The umbrella might symbolize a fear of the dark or a moment in life that one is trying to escape.

Dreams about umbrellas can also represent comfort and relief or be a sign that you are living a life without worries. The umbrella might symbolize protection from the world or the dreamer’s loved ones, always watching out for them and keeping them safe from harm.

8 Main Meanings of Dreams About Umbrella

1. Protection

A dream involving umbrellas might signify that the dreamer is looking for protection or vigilance. The dreamer may feel like they are not protected enough or think someone needs to be with them all the time.

2. Tensions

Umbrellas can imply tension in the dreamer’s life. It may foretell conflicts that have arisen or problems that need to be resolved. This could be a message that the dreamer needs to stay relaxed and be more open-minded.

3. Exhaustion

tired woman leaning on the table

A dream about umbrellas can indicate that you will be too tired to do things or that your energy and drive will be draining. This might mean that you need to rest or recharge your energy or that you need to be more mindful of issues that are stressing you out.

4. Illness

Having this dream may be symbolic that you will likely fall ill soon. It might indicate that you need to rest more or pay extra attention to your health and physical condition because you are working too much to the point of exhaustion.

5. Resentment

This may represent that you are being ignored or taken for granted. If you are constantly being asked to do things for other people, this dream can send a message that you have to tell them that you deserve some appreciation and respect.

6. Insecurity and Stress

To have an umbrella dream may symbolize insecurity and stress at work or in personal relationships. It could signify your worries about a looming deadline or concerns over other people’s opinions. It might represent your inability to protect yourself emotionally, shielding yourself from the judgments of others.

7. Lack of Direction

The umbrella is thought to symbolize your difficulty in making decisions or choosing your career path. If you have this dream, you might be feeling confused about where to go and what to do with your life.

8. Hurt Feelings

An umbrella in a dream can indicate that someone has hurt you emotionally. If you feel like you are not getting your fair share and are being taken advantage of, this may be a warning that you need to start being more assertive and stand up for yourself.

Dreams about Umbrella Meanings in Different Cultures and Civilizations


For Muslims, dreams that involve umbrellas are thought to symbolize Allah’s protection and care. The Muslim people believe that if they dream that they have an umbrella over their head or are using one to shield themselves from the rain, it is a positive omen.


In Japanese beliefs, umbrellas in dreams are a symbol of authority or power. The Japanese consider an umbrella as a symbol of luck and protection because the umbrellas that the samurais used in ancient Japan when they went out for battle helped protect them from enemies.

Caribbean Islands

In Caribbean culture, a dream about an umbrella often signifies good fortune and is a symbol of protection. However, when the dream involves using umbrellas while raining, it signifies a coming storm or misfortune.


Dreams about umbrellas in Hindu culture come from their beliefs that the parasol protects one (or someone dear) from evil. This could be a sign that someone close to you is in danger and that you or other people are protecting them from it.


For the Chinese people, having this dream usually has positive meanings. The Chinese associate dreams with umbrellas with being lucky, happy, and protected. Additionally, it can symbolize a reversal of fate or a turning of the tables in one’s favor.


The Eskimo people sometimes dream of using an umbrella to protect themselves from the rain and stand out amongst others. The umbrella symbolizes promotion or fame for the Eskimos. Moreover, they also believe that these dreams signify good fortune is on its way.

Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians associated the umbrella with fertility and childbirth. For pregnant women, to have this dream could be symbolic of the baby’s birth, meaning that the baby will soon be born. If a woman dreams of standing with an umbrella on her head, it can foretell that she is pregnant.

Dreams about Umbrella Meanings in Different Contexts

Black Umbrella Dream Meaning

A black umbrella in your dream could suggest that you are experiencing feelings of isolation and sadness. This can mean that you are feeling unappreciated or currently overwhelmed, or it may also point to feelings of being trapped in a relationship.

Big Umbrella Dream Meaning

Having a dream of a large umbrella might represent how you presently feel being in a position of leadership, having many under your wings. A large umbrella symbolizes that you are able to easily handle everything in life since it represents protection and shelter.

Finding an Umbrella Dream Meaning

Dreaming of finding an umbrella may indicate how you are searching for that something or someone to protect you from the rain in life. This can signify that you have recently found some emotional balance and stability as well.

Broken Umbrella Dream Meaning

Seeing a broken umbrella in your dream could signify that you are feeling emotionally or physically vulnerable in some areas of your life. For example, someone may have betrayed you, or perhaps you are feeling emotionally conflicted about a situation that is currently taking place.

Striped Umbrella Dream Meaning

striped umbrella

Striped umbrellas in your dreams can convey that you are experiencing some shifting emotions in your life. These could be positive and negative emotions, expressing your need to regain balance and stability in some areas of your life.

Fixing an Umbrella Dream Meaning

If you are repairing or cleaning an umbrella in your dream, it might suggest that you are concerned about someone else’s well-being in your life. The umbrella may also be a way for you to shelter others, giving them home or the assistance they need.

Red Umbrella Dream Meaning

Dreams of seeing a red umbrella can imply that you will receive some unexpected financial assistance in your life. This may also represent that you are feeling safe and protected by a significant other.


When we see an umbrella in our dreams, it could symbolize protection either from the weather or impending danger. It could represent feeling safe and secure or a warning to watch out for dangerous situations like accidents and arguments. The umbrellas in dreams can be symbols of shelter and safety, or they can represent something holding us back. Lastly, having this dream might be a sign that we are not ready to face what is ahead of us.

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