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Biblical Meaning of a Kiss in a Dream (8 Powerful Messages)

A kiss in a dream can symbolize many biblical meanings such as an expression of love, respect, or simply a way to show appreciation. In the Bible, dreaming of a kiss can be an act of love, like when Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene on the cheek. It can also be a sign of submission, like when Judas Iscariot kissed Jesus to identify him to the authorities.

8 Main Biblical Meanings of a Kiss in a Dream

1. Love

Dreaming of a kiss could biblically symbolize love and affection. A kiss dream may also mean you want to express your love for someone or have an enjoyable time with a stranger. You may also be dreaming of a kiss in a dream because you wish to restore harmony and friendship between your former lover or friend and yourself.

2. Submission

To dream of a kiss could also indicate submission. If a woman dreams of kissing her husband, it could mean she wishes to submit to him. To a man, it may mean he needs to be humbler and more obedient in his given role.

3. Treachery

Dreaming of kissing someone in a dream may mean that you are about to betray that person in a way. If you are being kissed by someone in a dream, it could mean the opposite and a sign that you are about to be betrayed.

4. Domination

If you are kissed in a dream, it might symbolize that you need to control your dominance over someone. If a woman dreams of kissing a man, it can represent that she desires to take control of him in her own mind.

5. Love of Kindness

If you dream of kissing someone in a dream, it may mean you love them and wish to demonstrate your unselfish and kind character. Biblically, this might be symbolic of the love of a servant for his master.

6. Self-Sacrifice

A dream where you are kissing someone may biblically refer to your desire to sacrifice yourself for another. If you dream of kissing a person who is ill or injured, this can symbolize that you are willing to sacrifice your own health to help them in some way.

7. Friendship

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To dream of kissing someone can symbolize you are dreaming of your desire to express your true friendship and affection towards that person. The dream could also represent that you have made a genuine friend.

8. Cheating

If you kiss someone in a dream, it might biblically symbolize your desire to lust after that person or cheat on your spouse. To dream of kissing a married woman, for example, can mean that you are committing adultery in your heart and mind.

Biblical Meanings of a Kiss Dream in Different Cultures and Civilizations

Dreaming of a Kiss Meaning in the Bible

Dreaming of a Kiss may biblically represent the love of God or the Holy Spirit. This might be a way for God to show his love through kissing His people in dreams. This might also convey that a Christian is being loved back by the Holy Spirit.

In the Christian religion, dreaming of a kiss may also symbolize humility as well. This could be because you are trying to be humble in order to please God. However, it may also signify that you are jealous and envious of someone else.

Dreaming of a Kiss Meaning in Islam

In Islamic culture, a kiss dream might symbolize peace and marriage. If a person dreams of kissing the hands of another person, it could suggest that the relationship of their lives will be good. This might be a dream about marriage, or in case you are single, it would mean that you will get married soon.

Dreaming of a Kiss Meaning in Hinduism

In Hindu culture, kissing in a dream could represent friendship and love. The dream may indicate that you will be friends with the person you dream about, or it may symbolize that you are deeply in love.

Dreaming of a Kiss Meaning in the Jewish Culture

Kissing a person in a dream in Jewish culture may be symbolic of the dreamer being intimate with a lover, or that their love for God has been accepted. This could also indicate that the person is in search of God’s love for them.

Dreaming of a Kiss Meaning in Buddhism

For the Buddhist people, dreaming of a kiss can symbolize the desire and longing for someone in your life. This could be a person who loves you but is hesitant. The dream may also mean that your love will remain unrequited or it will not be accepted.

Dreaming of a Kiss Meaning in the Roman Culture

In Roman culture, dreaming of a kiss can symbolize that you viciously want someone else’s partner. This can also convey that you are being jealous of the person who you dream about them kissing someone else.

Biblical Meanings of a Kiss Dream in Different Contexts

Kissing Someone in a Dream Biblical Meaning

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If you are kissing someone in a dream, regardless of whether it is your spouse or not, it can represent your repressed sexual desires. Alternatively, you might be feeling guilty about something you have done in real life.

Kissing a Relative in a Dream

If you dream of kissing your sister, mother, grandfather, or another family member, it can symbolize that an issue has been discovered about that person. This can be due to something that you have discovered about them or perhaps because the family member is ill.

Kissing a Stranger in a Dream

Kissing a stranger in a dream may signify affection and love. It might also represent your desire to have an intimate experience with someone, and you want to do it without the responsibilities of a serious relationship.

Kissing a Woman in Dream Biblical Meaning

If your dream is about kissing a woman, it could represent your desire to be intimate with that person. This can also imply sexual intercourse is about to take place between the two of you. Alternatively, you might be feeling guilty about an illicit affair.

Kiss on the Lips or Cheeks Dream Biblical Meaning

To dream of a kiss on the lips or cheek might symbolize passion and love. It may also mean that you are content in your relationship and wish to be intimate with that person. A kiss on the cheek can dream of affection, friendship, and love.

Kiss on the Feet Dream Biblical Meaning

When your dream is kissing someone’s feet, it could signify that you are grateful or thankful to them for something. It might also convey that you admire their character and consider him or her to be greater than yourself.


The biblical meaning of a kiss in a dream can vary depending on the context in which it is seen. These dreams may be seen as a sign of peace, respect or unity. Some believe that it can be a sign of love and affection, while others interpret it as a symbol of forgiveness. Lastly, dreams about kissing could be symbolic of respect or approval, or they could also symbolize spiritual intimacy or unity.

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