Angel Dream Meaning – Symbolisms and Interpretations

To dream of angels is always considered a good sign. Many often associate these dreams with goodness, protection and the divine power over your life. It is also considered to be a sign of luck and is often looked at as an indication that both your business and personal life are going to experience considerable growth.

When your dreams are visited with spiritual beings, it is a sign that you have already reached a certain level of maturity spiritually. However, how these angels appear in your dream can be interpreted differently. Understanding what these different meanings are will make it easier for you to take the right steps when determining what next step you should take in relation to what these dreams forebode. Below we list down some of the most common angel dreams and the angel dream meaning they hold.

White clothed and white-winged angels

woman dressed as an angel

Dreams with angels wearing white and with equally white wings signify peace, purity, rejuvenation and blessings. This dream signifies that at the moment, you are at peace with yourself and with everything that’s going on in your life.

If you’re currently at a point in your life where you aren’t at peace or where your inner self is in turmoil, this dream may be a wakeup call for you to do something to tame that inner conflict. It may also be a call for you to seek spiritual support and you find ways to be cleansed and focus on ways that will help purify your actions.

Colorfully-clad and winged angels

When you dream of angels with colorful clothes and wings, it is indicative of something joyful and playful. This is a good thing as you may be looking forward to a happy and joyful event in the near future. This could even be a new relationship, a promotion at work, a new job, some unexpected inheritance and overall, some good fortune that awaits you.

Black-clad and winged angels

black winged angel

Consider this as a warning from the angels. You are being warned of an impending danger that your physical or spiritual being may be exposed to. It could also be a sign that you are either physically or spiritually burdened by guilt or sin. Consider this as a sign that you must take steps in healing yourself and ridding yourself of what you have been feeling guilty of.

An angel carrying an olive brand

This is a good dream, especially considering how the olive branch is considered a symbol of love and peace. Dreams of angels holding these objects in your dream are indicative of the presence of care, devotion, self-sacrifice and hope in your life. If you’re in some challenging journey now, be assured that it isn’t always going to be as tough as it is now. Through this dream, your angels are telling you to chin up because you will be victorious at the end of it all.

An angel carrying food and drinks in his hand

Dreams, where an angel or angels manifest with food or refreshment, may indicate that you hunger for spiritual nourishment. It’s also a sign that it is high time for you to take steps in satiating this hunger. The daily things that you do may be the primary cause of the depletion of your spiritual energy and there may be a need for you to shift from what you are doing now in order to regain your spiritual footing back.

If you’re ever looking for a sign whether your plans of taking a time off or stepping away from everything for a little bit will be worth it or not, this is it. The heavens are telling you to slow down for a bit and to give yourself time to regain your spiritual vigor.

An angel with a scroll

Scrolls have always been associated with knowledge. When you dream of an angel with a scroll in hand, it may be a sign from the heavens urging you to take the next step into the future with more confidence. If there is some decision that you are apprehensive of, it is time that you take necessary measures to take on your future with more confident strides.

An angel wielding a sword

Swords are considered as items of war. When you see an angel appear in your dream with a sword in hand, this is a sign that you’re being encouraged by the heavens to wage a spiritual battle against those that are trying to detract and distract you.

Different angel numbers and their meaning

How many angels appear in your dream may hold different meanings as well. A single angel often signifies purity of action and purpose and requires you to get rid of the distractions that are taking your focus away from things that are truly important to you, things that truly matter.

A dream with three angels indicates completeness, harmony and divinity. It may also be related to the Holy Trinity. In many cultures, the number three has always been regarded with significant religious and cultural significance making the message they carry to be even more potent as they can often involve not just the body but the mind and the spirit as well.

Dreams with multiple angels present often signify divine support, spiritual fortitude and good fortune. You are also being sent a message that the angels are guarding you. With multiple angels watching over you and protecting you, the heavens are letting you know that you aren’t alone and you are protected at all times. This dream is also an indication that you may have a highly promising future ahead of you.

A dark angel

dark angel

Dreams, where a dark angel appears, are indicative of the uncertainties that you’re facing at this point in your life. You’re most likely to experience low self-esteem and even depression at this point. While this may seem like a negative dream, it is actually a wake-up all to get rid of the self-doubt that you have been feeling and use this chance to get rid of these negative energies that seem to be pulling you down.

Angel dreams are generally considered good dreams. However, one must pay close attention to the details involved in the dream to truly decipher what they actually mean and what they resemble especially at the current point that you’re at now in your life.

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