Alcohol Dream Meaning (8 Surprising Messages Explained)

Dreams about alcohol could be associated with your drinking habits, the desire to drink alcohol, or even your love life. Sometimes, these dreams can also be related to feelings of guilt and regret. Alcohol dreams may represent a release of stress, personal control issues, or a sign that your personal life is on the wrong track.

Dreaming about alcohol might be a positive sign that you have a healthy outlook on life, and that you know how to enjoy yourself in a social setting. Alternatively, alcohol dreams can be more negative. The dream could represent an alcohol abuse problem or a warning sign for excessive drinking or for alcohol dependence.

Main Meanings of Dreams about Alcohol

  1. Intoxication

To dream of alcohol may be a sign of depression, bad mood, or feelings of being fed up with life. An alcohol dream may be a symbol of problems with the family or spouse and feeling intoxicated by the constant family problems.

  1. Alcohol Abuse

Dreams involving alcohol can indicate alcoholism or the lack of control over drugs or alcohol use. You may be abusing alcohol and being irresponsible with even your family members. The dream may be one’s way of expressing anger and weakness towards their loved one.

  1. Stress

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Dreams of alcohol may represent stress from work, family problems, and personal responsibilities. This dream might also be a way of hiding your problems from others and a message for you to work on your own personal issues.

  1. Addiction

A dream involving alcohol may convey an addiction to alcohol, and you want to quit drinking or abusing drugs. You could be addicted to alcohol, nicotine, or any other substance or behavior that causes problems in your life.

  1. Hitting Rock Bottom

Dreaming of alcohol can express feelings that you have hit a “bottom” in your life. You might feel worthless, upset, and depressed and need to recover. This dream can convey feelings of loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.

  1. Love Problems

Dreams about alcohol might be symbolic of your problems regarding love, like being in an abusive relationship or being threatened by your loved one. This dream may be a message to seek help from someone you trust to solve your problems.

  1. Control Issues

Alcohol dreams may signify your issues with control and problems in your life. You might feel like you were controlled by others or the way they treated you. The dream might be a sign that you should look at how much control you actually have over your life.

  1. Self-Deception

Dreams about alcohol could represent your own self-deception about the mistakes you have made and the problems that concern you. You may not be aware of your own flaws and faults or feel like complaining or that no one cares.

Dream about Alcohol Meanings in Different Cultures and Civilizations


In Islam, dreams containing alcohol can be symbolic of abstinence from alcohol. The dream may signify the beginning of a spiritual journey with guidance from Allah toward this goal.


Christians may interpret alcohol in dreams as indulgence in worldly pleasures. Some Christians believe that dreams about alcohol could be an invitation to return to the joy of their baptism, while others might see it as a warning against sinful behavior.


In Hinduism, dreaming of alcohol could be the symbol of the devil. This may be a sign that one should give up bad habits to make one’s dreams come true. Also, it could be a sign of jealousy and unhappiness.


In Chinese culture, dreams about alcohol can represent happiness and prosperity. The alcohol dream could symbolize a good harvest, or it could mean that the dreamer will be blessed with a healthy male baby.


Dreaming about alcohol in Japan may be interpreted as a sign of longevity and good fortune for people of all ages, especially the young and old. Moreover, it could be a symbol of joy and happiness or a celebration that is about to come.


In Judaism, drinking alcohol in a dream could symbolize either richness or poverty. If a person drinks excessively, then this alcohol dream might foreshadow problems regarding money or physical health.

Native Americans

Some Native Americans believe that dreaming of alcohol could be symbolic of addiction and the need to escape from one’s problems. This dream might also foreshadow future troubles or a sign that someone is about to die or fall ill.


Dreaming about drinking alcohol in Greece can foreshadow a bad reputation and be surrounded by enemies. The dream may be a signal that one should seek a quieter life away from people who are hostile and unfriendly.

Dream about Alcohol Meanings in Different Contexts

Getting Drunk from Alcohol Dream Meaning

If you dream of getting drunk from drinking alcohol, it may symbolize that you are being intoxicated by internal feelings, negativities, or stress. You could be having a physiological and psychological effect on your drinking behavior. The dream can be advice to limit your drinking habits.

Giving Others Alcoholic Drinks Dream Meaning

Dreaming of giving other people drinks that contain alcohol might suggest that you have been living beyond your means and are not conscious of your own destructive behaviors. Dreaming of alcohol might be a signal to stop whatever self-destructive behavior you are engaged in.

Dream About Alcohol Addiction Dream Meaning

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If you dream about alcohol addiction and drinking at the same time, it could mean that your uncontrolled cravings for alcohol are causing you to lose control of your life. The dream is a warning sign for you to get sober and take control of your life.

Drinking Alcohol Dream Meaning

If you dream of drinking alcohol, it may signify that you have been forgetting about your inhibitions, personal values, and responsibilities. You might be in denial about how much you are drinking and about your drinking habits.

Refusing to Drink Alcohol Dream Meaning

Dreaming of refusing to drink alcohol could indicate that you are feeling the urge to change a situation or behavior, but you don’t want to. If this is the case, you might be resisting any change at all and are looking for excuses to continue with your destructive behavior.

Drinking Beer Dream Meaning

To dream of drinking a beer may mean that you are trying to avoid your issues and problems through the help of alcohol or other substances. The dream can be a warning sign for you to change your behavior and start facing the issues and problems in your life head-on.

Dreaming of Drinking Wine Meaning

If you dream of drinking a glass of wine, it could mean that you are trying to forget about all of your problems, but you can’t seem to. This dream might also symbolize your desire to escape from the reality of your life and take a load off.

Drinking Alcohol in Public Dream Meaning

Dreaming of drinking alcohol in public places might signify that you are hiding your issues and refusing to confront them. You could be doing this through excessive drinking or other forms of self-medication.

Drinking Alcohol with Friends Dream Meaning

If you dream of drinking alcohol with your friends, who seem to enjoy watching you do so, this may be a warning sign that you may have some problems with your behavior. You might be acting like a victim or being selfish with your own wishes.


Dreams that involve alcohol could represent addiction or repressed sexual issues. Alternatively, alcohol dreams can also symbolize joy or happiness, or these dreams might signify that the dreamer is experiencing an inner conflict regarding something or someone.

To dream of alcohol can mean that the dreamer feels that he or she is too dependent on another’s opinion or needs affirmation from another person. Additionally, these dreams about alcohol may be signs of depression, or the dreamer could be feeling lonely or having trouble dealing with their emotions.

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