Celebrating the Resurrection of Christ
Sermons, Outlines, Illustrations, Meditations and Program Ideas
J. Michael Shannon & Robert C. Shannon
(c)opyright 1984, J. Michael Shannon

Sermon Possibilities
   The following thoughts are ideas that might easily be developed into sermons.  Some, like the first, have obvious major points.  Some provide little more than a proposition.  Each, however, is the seed for a powerful sermon for emphasizing Christ's resurrection.

    The resurrection was validated by the Open Tomb, ready for inspection by all; the Open Mouth of the disciples, who had formerly been afraid; and the Open Heart of the church, ready to accept all men.  J.W. Hamilton said: "The empty grave in Palestine is the open mouth of God calling to all the centuries: 'Know you not that you can never defeat the eternal purpose?'"

    The women who came to the tomb had not forgotten the way, had not forgotten their companions, had not forgotten the spices.  There was only one thing they had forgotten.  They had forgotten Jesus' words!

    Quiet power!  That's what you see in the resurrection.  His rebirth was like His birth. "How silently, how silently, the wondrous gift is given!"

    In the resurrection moment, when the keepers of the tomb became unconscious, living men became as dead men and a dead man came alive!

    The man who had no place to lay His head in life almost had no place to lay His head in death.  He was laid to rest, thanks to the generosity of the wealthy Joseph of Arimathea.  Even His tomb was borrowed, but that was all right.  He only needed it for a short while.

    What deserves to be called an earth-shaking event?  Certainly, Jesus' death and resurrection qualify.  There were literal earthquakes at Golgotha when He died and at the tomb when He arose.  The after-shocks can still be felt.  Oh, the ground does not literally move when Christ confronts us; but many a soul has been shaken by the crucified and risen One.

    Can a person have fear and joy at the same time?  It seems that it would be an impossible combination.  The women who found the empty tomb felt that way, according to Matthew 28:8.  For those who continue to believe in Him, the fear departs but the joy remains.

    Don t you think they were embarrassed?  The women who discovered Jesus was alive met Him with burial spices in their hands.  When we meet Jesus, we are often carrying around symbols of our own lack of faith and insight.

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