Celebrating the Resurrection of Christ
Sermons, Outlines, Illustrations, Meditations and Program Ideas
J. Michael Shannon & Robert C. Shannon
(c)opyright 1984, J. Michael Shannon

Special Communion Services
    As a special observance, try a Passover Seder, with the Lord's Supper as the closing.  If that is too ambitious, then have the elements of the Passover feast on a table.  Explain the symbolism of the elements and relate it to the Lord's Supper.  Then share Communion.

    You could re-enact the Last Supper with costumes and scenery, with the congregation participating at the close.  If you do not have enough personnel, then try a first-person account in costume as the devotional prior to Communion.

    Using slides can enhance Thursday Communion services or Good Friday services.  You can use slides from the life of Christ that come from various movie or TV productions.  You can use slides that show the same events from great works of art.  Holy Land slides could also be used effectively.

    A simple but effective Communion service can make use of a cassette program.  Pre-record a Communion meditation and devotional music.  The entire audience then can commune with the minister and instrumentalists all sharing together.  Prior to the opening of the service, the congregation should be instructed to come forward and serve themselves in silence during the musical part of the tape.  They should then remain silent as they go to their cars.

    Sometimes a special Communion service can be enhanced by the way we use hymns. "Here Oh My Lord, I See Thee Face to Face" is often used for Communion.

    Try the first two stanzas before Communion.  They focus on Jesus and the meaning of the emblems.  Then, after the service, sing the last two stanzas.  They speak of the "symbols" disappearing and the feast being over, while the final stanza speaks of the Lord's Supper as a foretaste of the great bridal feast to come.

    Another creative way to use a hymn is to sing it a cappella as the emblems are served.  This is done effectively as the song leader begins the song after the first couple of rows are served.  As each person finishes, he joins the song.  There is a gradual crescendo until the entire congregation is singing together.

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