Expository Preaching
J. Michael Shannon and Robert C. Shannon
(c)opyright J. Michael Shannon, 1982
"A Career in Modeling"
Ephesians 5:1-20

Introduction:  There are many ways to learn, but we learn best by imitation.

Proposition:  God offers us, through Christ, an example to follow.

  I.  WALK IN HIS LOVE, vs. 1-6

A.  Some sins show we do not love others.
B.  Some sins show we do not love ourselves.
C.  Some sins show we do not love God.
 II.  WALK IN HIS LIGHT, vs. 7-14
A.  Fruitful in life
B.  Open to the world
C.  Pleasing to God
A.  Wise in the use of time
B.  Wise in conduct
C.  Wise in the will of the Lord
D.  Wise in worship
Conclusion:  God has not left us to our own devices.   We are compelled to exchange our ideas for His ideas.

    Light purifies!  Who has not heard of the ultraviolet ray?  Light makes growth (and life itself) possibIe.  Who has not heard of photosynthesis?  Light makes it possible to move about safely.  Light enables you to find your way.  Light provides protection.  Light makes it possible to read and learn.  Light gains our attention.  Light points the way.  Now, with the laser beam, light heals.  How very much is involved in walking in the light!

    The well drillerfound water at ninety-five feet but insisted that he ought to drill deeper.  It was not enough water.  He found water again at 120 feet.  There was plenty of it, but it was not pure enough.  He drilled deeper still till there was abundant water and pure water.  Are our lives too shallow?  Do we suffer from a lack of spiritual reserves?  And are we accepting the impure rather than going down deeper to the pure?

    Have you heard the expression, "His life is an open book"?  Since "all things are open" to God, we ought to live our lives without the need for secrecy.  In our day, some have taken that to the other extreme.  They have insisted that every random thought and every fleeting feeling must be trumpeted to the world. No, we are entitled to some inner privacy.  The anger we feel today maybe gone tomorrow.  The doubt that assails us in the morning may vanish by noon.  We need not advertise our every thought or deed.  But we ought to live so that we need never hide our thoughts and deeds.

    Because her last name is Wise, she collects owls.  You will find them all over her house, and often she wears an owl on her clothing.  Do you suppose that it puts an extra burden on a person to have the last name Wise?  In Virginia, there is a city named Wise.  Would you feel it a responsibility to live more wisely if you lived in Wise, Virginia?  Probably, most people never give a thought to the name of the town or the name of the family.  But every one of us needs to be wise, not in worldly wisdom, but in that wisdom that comes down from above.

    A little boy had difficulty pronouncing some words.  The word worship was one of them.  He said, "We go to church to wash up."  Notice that to Paul, worship and ethics were bound together.  He speaks of them in the same breath.  He writes of them in the same paragraph, almost in the same sentence.  We like to separate them, but our religion will not allow that.  Sinful living impedes worship.  Sincere worship improves lives.  No one should stay away from worship because he has sinned, but everyone should recognize that what we do in church on Sunday and what we do at work on Monday are not separate.

    A model must be a perfect size something.  It matters little what size; but the model must fit the size perfectly.  Some of us are one size on top and another size on the bottom.  Christ is our model.  Life as it ought to be lived fit Him perfectly.  Does it not sometimes seem that our Christianity is two sizes too small, that it pinches and constricts us?  Or does it seem that it is sometimes a size too large, all baggy and wrinkled?  Let's not alter the garment!  Let's alter ourselves.

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