Sermon Ideas

The Born-Again Christ (Galatians 4:19)
        "O Holy Child of Bethlehem. . . be born in us today."
                                                                    --Phillips Brooks

The Unbelievable Report (Isaiah 52:13-53:1)
       The Miraculous to Accept
        Too Good to Be True
        Too Distant to Be Appreciated
        Too Revolutionary to Be Believed

Christmas Journeys (Matthew 2)
        A Journey of Discovery (Matthew 2:1, 2)
        A Journey of Necessity (Matthew 2:12)
        A Journey of Escape (Matthew 2:13)
        A Journey of Violence (Matthew 2:16)

Behold, the Arm of the Lord (Isaiah 52:9, 10; 53:1)
        His Gracious Arm Reaching Down
        His Powerful Arm Reaching Out
        His Loving Arm Embracing

Going Home for Christmas (Matthew 2:13)
        An Unfamiliar Way
        A Less Convenient Way
        A More Costly Way
        A More Dangerous Way
        A Less Traveled Way

Christmas People (Titus 2:11-15)
    Christ Makes Us. . .
        Righteous People
        Hopeful People
        Redeemed People
        Consecrated People

The Gift of Life (John 1:4)
        An Endless Life
        A Sinless Life
        A Selfless Life

What Do You Want For Christmas
       A Sense of Worth
        A Sense of Peace
        A Sense of Forgiveness

The God Who Loved-And Gave (John 3:16)
        The Breadth of His Love: the World
        The Depth of His Love: He Gave His Son
        The Length of His Love: Everlasting

For Unto You Is Born . . .(Luke 2:11)
        The Savior: the Redemption of Jesus
        The Christ: the Nature of Jesus
        The Lord: the Authority of Jesus

The God Who Plans Ahead (Galatians 4:4, 5)
        The Timing of His Coming
        The Manner of His Coming
        The Purpose of His Coming

The Bread of Heaven (John 6:47-51)
        The world hungered for God
        God answered that need in Christ, the Bread of life.
        The need can only be met if people partake of the Bread.

The Day After Christmas (Luke 2:17-20)
        Christmas inspires witness.
        Christmas inspires joy.
        Christmas inspires praise.
        Christmas inspires change.

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Scanned and proofread  by John Borntrager