Christmas Promotions
Birthday Party

    Secure a worker and a birthday card for each ten people you wish to see in attendance.  Ask the worker to get ten,
including himself, to sign his birthday card indicating they will be present to wish Jesus a "Happy Birthday" on
Christmas Sunday.

Nazareth to Bethlehem

    Take the miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem (70) and divide by your desired cumulative attendance for the four
Sundays of December leading up to Christmas.  Each week, your attendance will determine how far you've
traveled - going one fourth of the distance each time you have the desired attendance.  Make a map-like chart to show progress as the whole church journeys from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  Thus, if you wish to average 500 in attendance, you need a cumulative total of 2,000, and each person in attendance represents .035 miles traveled.

Bethlehem to Egypt

    For a post-Christmas promotion, use the same idea, but journey with Jesus from Bethlehem to safety in Egypt.

Congregational Christmas Card

    Some congregations put up a very large Christmas Card in the lobby.  Members sign their names there and instead of sending cards to each other, contribute to the church the amount they would have spent for these cards and postage.

Light the Candles

    Large posters of candles can dramatize attendance or offering goals for each December Sunday with the "flame"
added when the goal is reached.  Or a large wreath with missing parts can be used in the same way.

Leftover Dinner

    One congregation has a great "leftover dinner" a day or two after Christmas.  Each family brings its leftover food, and they put it all together for a post-holiday meal.  It's a grand way to promote fellowship and friendship, and it's very easy to do.

Living Manger Scene

    As a special promotion for your church in the community, you could sponsor a Living Manger Scene.  Church members could take different shifts protraying Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the Wise-men.  A more ambitious project would be a Living Christmas Tableau featuring live depictions of various Christmas scenes.  Narration could be printed, or you could use guides to tell the story.  An electronics wizard might be able to set up music and narration on tapes.

Christmas Pageant
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