We thank Thee, O God, that in this changing world, some things endure.  Above all else today, we praise Thy changeless mercy and Thy enduring grace.  Accept now our grateful worship in Jesus  name.  Amen.

        Save us, O Lord, from the temptation to take lightly this privilege.  Sanctify these moments of worship by Thy own presence.  As we have set apart this hour, wilt Thou set us apart for Thyself.  Remove our sins.  Remember them against us no more.  Then bring us, cleansed and redeemed, before Thy holy face this day.  Through Christ the Savior, amen.

        For Thy might and power, O God, we praise Thee--for the abundance of Thy blessings and the sweetness of Thy
tender mercies.  Thou hast blessed us far beyond that which we deserve.  Thou has not dealt with us after our sins or
remembered us according to our iniquities.  Hear then, O God, our prayers this day, and accept our acts of worship.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.

        Remove, O Lord, the vanity that blinds us to our smallness and to Thy greatness.  Give us today a glimpse of Thee upon Thy throne, and help us to see ourselves as Thou dost see us.  In Jesus' name, amen.

        Dear Father, grant us another kind of responsive reading.  We have read together from Your Book.  Now help us to
respond in life, in character, and in deed.  Make every moment in the new week a response to the reading of Your Word.  Bless these moments spent in worship, and sanctify them with Your presence.  Then sanctify us for Your service.  Set us apart that we may be instruments of Your peace, Your wisdom, and Your life.  Help us to avoid temptation and sin.  Forgive us when we fail.  Grant us at last an eternal home.  Through Christ our Lord, amen.

        Lord, it is more than custom that brings us here today, and more than habit that causes us to bow in prayer.  How
deep is our need of Thee.  Thou alone canst cleanse the leper's spots.  Thou alone canst comfort.  Thou alone canst strengthen.  Thou alone givest life.

        Forgive the self-seeking that dominates our lives.  Forgive the self-serving that makes us judge all things by our own self-interest.  We confess that sometimes we have even been selfish in our prayers.  Reach out, O God, to those who need Thee so desperately.  Reach out through us to those who seek Thy help.  Through our lives may men be led to the Christ in whose name we pray.  Amen.

        Dear Father, we come confessing that we have transgressed Thy laws and disobeyed Thy commandments.  We have done what we ought not to have done and have left undone that which we ought to have done.  We pray for Thy forgiveness.

        Forgive Thy church, O Lord, for leaving its true mission to pursue hobbies and pastimes.  Forgive our nation when
our national policies are less than honest, when they lack compassion, and when they are not true to moral principle.

        Bless those who are hungry that they may be fed, those who are naked that they may be clothed, and those who are friendless that they may be sensitive to Your presence.  Through Christ our Lord, amen.

        Forgive us, O God, if we weaken Thy power, stain Thy honor, diminish Thy glory, or make more difficult Thy
salvation of lost men.  We pray through Christ our Lord, amen.

        Save us, O God, from that vain and empty worship that characterizes the pagan and the Pharisee.  Make these moments so meaningful that all of life will be different because we have been here this day. Implant Thy Word in our minds and Thy Spirit in our hearts.  We pray for the men who hold the political power of world government, for those who in war have the power to take life and devastate lands, and for those who hold in their hands the spiritual power of truth.

        We pray for those weakened by sickness and disease and by the years.  We pray for those weakened by temptation, doubt, and fear.  Make us like Christ, in whose name we pray.  Amen.

        Dear Lord, we are gathered together in Thy name.  We come to claim the promise, "Here am I in the midst."  Humble us today with the knowledge that Thou art truly with us as we worship Thee.  Through Christ our Lord, amen.

        O Lord, Thou who has brought us to a new day s dawning and to a new week, create within us a new heart.  Help us to put off the old man with his deeds.  Make us new creatures in Christ Jesus, created unto good works.  Help us to be workmanship of which Thy Son shall not be ashamed.  In His dear name, amen.

        O Lord, may what we hear in our ears today find lodging in our hearts so that it might find expression in our lives.  For Jesus' sake, amen.

        Holy is the ground on which we stand today, O Lord.  We confess to You our unworthiness.  We are unworthy of Your blessings; we are unworthy of Your forgiveness; we are unworthy even to come into Your presence.  But we do come because You bid us come.  Make us what we can be.  Make us what we ought to be.  Make us what we were meant to be.  Through Christ our Lord, amen.

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