Christ Above All
Robert C. Shannon
(c)opyright 1989, Robert C. Shannon.
Table of Contents
 Christ Above All
 Jesus, the Light of the World
 Jesus, the Lamb of God
The Uplifted Christ
How Can I Know For Sure?
How Can These Things Be?
The Clothes of Christ
His First Miracle
His Last Miracle
The Importance of Nicknames
Faith for the Storm
My Father's House
Does Jesus Care?
The Power of a Touch
The Riddle of the Bread of Life
And Then There Where Nine
Troubled Hearts and Trusting Hearts
The Woman Who Came in From the Cold
Faith for Life's Mountains
The Cup of Suffering
Spiritual Arsonists
The Fox and the Lamb
The Hawk and the Dove
The Robber and the Redeemer
One Day in the Life of the Govenor
The Text That Comforted Jesus
The Gospel According to Psalm 118
The Inescapable Christ
Sunset, Sunrise
Come and Dine
Here Comes the Bride

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