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Exodus 15 and the Poetical Stela

Speech of Amen-Re, Lord of Thrones-of-the-Two-Lands:
You come to me in joy at seeing my beauty,
My son, my champion, Menkheperre, everliving!
I shine for love of you, my heart exults
At your good coming to my temple.
My hands have endowed your body with safety and life,
How pleasant to my breast is your grace!
I placed you in my temple and did signs for you,
I gave you valor and victory over all lands.
I set your might, your fear in every country,
The dread of you as far as heaven's four supports.
I magnified your awe in every body,
I made your person's fame traverse the Nine Bows.
The princes of all lands are gathered in your grasp,
I stretched my own hands out and bound them for you.
I fettered Nubia's Bowmen by ten thousand thousands,
The northerners a hundred thousand captives.
I made your enemies succumb beneath your soles,
So that you crushed the rebels and the traitors.
For I bestowed on you the earth, its length and breadth,
Westerners and easterners are under your command.


You trod all foreign lands with joyful heart,
None could approach your majesty's vicinity,
But you, with me your guide, attained them.
You crossed the water of Nahrin's Euphrates,
In might and victory ordained by me,
Hearing your battle cry they hid in holes.
I robbed their nostrils of the breath of life,
And made the dread of you pervade their hearts.
My serpent on your brow consumed them,
She made quick booty of the evildoers.
The lowlanders she swallowed by her flame,
Asiatic heads she severed, none escaped,
The foes were tottering before her might.
I let your valor course through every land,
The gleaming diadem protected you,
In all that heaven circles none defy you.
They came bearing their tribute on their backs,
Bowed down before your majesty as I decreed.
The foes who came toward you I made weak,
Their hearts aflame, their bodies trembled.
The poem
I came to let you tread on Djahi's chiefs,
  I spread them under your feet throughout their lands;
I let them see your majesty as lord of light,
  so that you shone before them in my likeness.

I came to let you tread on those of Asia,
  to smite the Asians heads in Retjenu;
I let them see your majesty clad in your panoply,
  when you displayed your weapons on your chariot.

I came to let you tread on eastern lands,
  to crush the dwellers in the realm of god's land;
I let them see your majesty as shooting star,
  that scatters fire as it sheds its flame.

I came to let you tread on western lands,
  Keftiu, Isy are in awe of you;
I let them see your majesty as youthful bull,
  firm-hearted, sharp of horns, invincible.

I came to let you tread on lowlanders,
  Mitanni's regions cringe in fear of you;
I let them see your majesty as crocodile,
  master of terror in the water, unapproached.

I came to let you tread on islanders,
  the sea-borne people hear your battle cry;
I let them see your majesty as the avenger,
  standing in triumph on his victim's back.

I came to let you tread on Tjehenu,
  the Utjentiu isles are in your power;
I let them see your majesty as fearsome lion,
  as you made corpses of them in their valleys.

I came to let you tread on earth s limits,
  what Ocean circles is enfolded in your fist;
I let them see your majesty as falcon-winged,
  who grasps what he espies as he desires.

I came to let you tread on border people,
  to bind as captives those upon the sand;
I let them see your majesty as southern jackal,
  the racer, runner, roving the Two Lands.

I came to let you tread on Nubians;
  as far as Shat you hold them in your grasp;
I let them see your majesty as your Two Brothers,
  whose hands I joined for you in victory.
I placed your sisters behind you as guard,
My majesty's arms are raised to crush evil,
I give you protection, my son, my beloved,
Horus, Strong-Bull-arisen-in-Thebes,
Whom I begot in my divine body, Thutmose, everliving,
Who does for me all that my ka desires.
You have built my temple as a work of eternity,
Made longer and wider than it had been,
With its great gateway "Menkheperre-feasts-Amen-Re,"
Your monuments surpass those of all former kings.
I commanded you to make them,
I am satisfied with them;
I have placed you on the Horus-throne of millions of years,
That you may lead the living forever.





1)    In this document Amun Re uses the pronouns I, MY, and ME 59 times.