Lesson 8
(Part 1)
Pages 275-298

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1. How did the people who witnessed the raising of the widow’s son   respond? How did they feel about the miracle and what was their theory about the   identity of Jesus?

2. Name the ruler who imprisoned John the Baptist.

3. How are we to understand John’s question, “Art thou he that   cometh, or look we for   another?” What may have been going through his mind when he   asked this   question?

4. How are we to understand the teaching of verse 11? (p. 282)

5. What did John do that led his enemies to claim that he had a   demon?

6. Why should repentance in Chorazin and Bethsaida have been more   probable than in   Tyre and Sidon? (p.286)

7. Explain as clearly as you can the meaning of Jesus’ teaching in   verses 29 and   30. (p. 289)

8. Consider the account of the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet   (290ff). Some were  appalled that Jesus allowed this to happen. Who were they, and   why did they disapprove? Why did Jesus permit this anointing? What do we learn   from this experience?

9. Jesus told Simon the parable of the two debtors (p. 293). Explain   briefly the lesson   Jesus taught with this parable.

10. “Who is this that forgiveth sins?” Explain the implications of this   question.

11. As he traveled through Galilee, Jesus was accompanied by the   twelve and by “certain   women.” Who were the women and why were they traveling with Jesus?