Lesson 2
(Part 1)
Pages 62-108

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1. As used by the gospel writers, what does “gospel” mean?

2. How does each gospel writer begin his gospel record?

3. Write a brief biographical sketch of Tiberius Caesar, as presented   mainly by   McGarvey.

4. Do the same with Pontius Pilate.

5. Describe the mission of John the Baptist.

6. Identify and explain the Old Testament prophecies which predict   John’s   mission.

7. What is the meaning of the word “Pharisee”? List four basic beliefs   of the Pharisees.

8. Compare and contrast John’s baptism (immersion) with Christian   baptism.

9. Who were the publicans?

10. Why did the people reason whether John was the Christ? (v. 15, p. 77)

11. Explain Luke 3:16. Consider comments on pp.   78,79.

12. At what age did Jesus begin his ministry? About which calendar year would this have been?

13. Describe the nature and significance of the three trials of Jesus following his baptism.

14. How was Jesus revealed to John as the Messiah?

15. What four errors did John correct by his preaching?

16. Following Jesus’ immersion, He is called “my beloved Son.”   Explain how Jesus can be called “the Son of God.”