Lesson 12
(Part 1)
Pages 369-392

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1. p. 369f Jesus’ miracles and teachings were leading people to   speculate on his   identity. List three of their guesses.

2. Who did Herod say that he was?

3. John had the audacity on particular grounds to rebuke Herod.   Explain. Why did   John rebuke Herod? What was Herod’s initial response?

4. Explain the circumstances and the people involved that led Herod   to order the   beheading of John. Tell the story briefly but adequately.

5. What did Jesus do when he learned of John’s death?

6. What was probably the most important reason that multitudes   followed Jesus at this   point in his ministry? (p. 375)

7. Before the feeding of the 5000, Jesus engaged Philip and Andrew   in dialogue about   how to get the job done. Why? Why didn’t he do immediately   what he did   eventually? (Does McGarvey offer any helpful thoughts on this   issue?)

8. Apparently more than five thousand people were fed with the   loaves and fishes.   Explain.

9. Mark 6:52 says, “for they understood not concerning the loaves, but   their heart was   hardened . . . .” Study the context (p. 381) and explain how we   are to understand  this statement.

10. How do we get from Mark 6:52 (“they understood not” . . . “their   heart was   hardened”) to Matthew 14:33, “And they that were in the boat   worshipped him,   saying, Of a truth thou art the Son of God.” Explain!

11. John 6:53-56. Many people would really not understand what   Jesus means by these   words. Explain as clearly as you can, for someone who wants to   know, the meaning   that Jesus is trying to communicate. (Maybe 50 to 75 words)