The following modules have been prepared for the BibleWorks community of users from PUBLIC DOMAIN sources.  They are freely offered for use in the Bibleworks software. If you adapt the databases for use in other software please give us and our sources credit.

All the files necessary for compiling each module are included in their respective ZIP files.  Also the latest version of the text file containing the main database is listed separately.

How to Compile a Module:

 Compiling a Module
Other Sources of Database Modules
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Our Current Database Modules: The newest releases are listed first.
Epictetus (English)
Sumerian Wisdom Literature
The Burden of Isis (Egyptian Hymns)
Dynastic Tablets of Babylon
Babylonian Chronicle
Dies Irae
Code of Hammurabi
Descent of Ishtar into the Underworld
Seven Evil Spirits
Lucian of Samaosata
Westcar Papyrus
Enuma Elish: "When on High"= WOH filename
Peter Abelard, Historia Calamitatusm: The Story of My Misfortunes
Lao-tzu, Tao-te Ching, Translated by James Legge
Protevangelium Jacobi
Tacitus, Histories

1. Tacitus, Histories

a.    English
(2)     THE.TXT
b.    Latin
(2)     THL.TXT
2.  Lao-tzu, Tao-te Ching, Translated by James Legge
b.    TAO.txt
3. Protevangelium Jacobi
a.    Greek
(2)    AIG.txt
4. Peter Abelard, Historia Calamitatusm: The Story of My Misfortunes
a.    English (I will update tomorrow)
(2)    PAC.txt
5. Enuma Elish
a.    English (A very poor version but what is available)
(2)    woh.TXT
6. Westcar Papyrus: Five Stories about Magicians
b.    wp5.TXT
7. Seven Evil Spirits
b.    7ES.TXT
8. Lucian of Samaosata
a.    The Syrian Goddess
(2)    LSS.TXT
9.    The Code of Hammurabi
b.    CHR.TXT
10. Dies Irae
11. Babylonian Chronicle
b.    BCS.txt
12. Dynastic Tablets of Babylon
b.    DTS.TXT
13. Descent of Ishtar
b.    DIU.TXT
14. The Burden of Isis (Egyptian Hymns)

b.    EgyptHymns\TBI.TXT

15. Battle of Kadesh
16. Sumerian Wisdom Literature: Ki-En-Ghir
b.   SWL.TXT
17.    Epictetus
a.    English
(2)    SED.TXT